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Construct Your All-America Team

By James Quintong
ESPN Fantasy


Steve Dykes/Getty Images
Oregon's Marcus Mariota scored 45 points against Oregon State.

Are you a fantasy football player looking for another challenge on the weekend? Are you a college football fan looking for another way to enhance your Saturday game-watching experience? Are you a college football fan and a fantasy football player? Then College Football Challenge is for you.

Our long-running college football fantasy experience is back for another season, offering up a major challenge to even the most experienced of fantasy football players.

Each week, you pick a roster of two quarterbacks, two running backs, two wide receivers, a team kicker (you'll get points from a particular team's kicker instead of drafting an actual kicker) and a team defense/special teams. There's no salary cap to worry about; just pick who you think will be the week's best players.

Just like other fantasy football leagues, you'll get points based on their performances. Scoring is very similar to most standard fantasy football leagues (full scoring breakdown can be found here). In some weeks, you'll definitely run into huge individual point totals, given the nature of many college football games.

One interesting wrinkle to this game is that you can decide from which pool of players you wish to draft your team. You can draft from a pool of all 128 FBS teams or you can limit your player pool to one of 10 individual conferences (American, ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West, Pac-12, SEC, Sun Belt). You'll have to make that decision when you first register a team, although you could create up to 11 teams: one for all of the FBS teams and one for each of the conferences. In fact, there are prizes awarded not only to the season-long points leader using all the FBS teams but also to the season-long points leader in each of the individual conference games.

It definitely pays to do your homework in putting together your roster. Some of the best fantasy totals each week come from players well off the national radar, and sometimes the Heisman Trophy candidates aren't always the best options. And in some cases, you might even get an early preview of some players' fantasy prowess before they reach the NFL.

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