Top Groups

1No Cat A's challengeWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A2712220452.59
2Sports Fans Forever (D1)We are Sports Fans Forever3013110437.00
3Perry's College Challenge SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE is THE BEST # 1 = National Champs x 72610924436.96
4Banned and Proud229600436.36
5College FFWE ARE...3113487435.06
6BamaNole DominationPay the student-athletes... pay the man his money.3113473434.61
7ESPN TOP 50Playoffs!219097433.19
8Freebies KingsIn It to Win It3314104427.39
9Living Legends Elite ALLOnly the strong.....3213671427.22
10The Solid VerbalLiving College Football218968427.05
11I Could'a Been Somebody.. ...Life got in the way...Oh Yeah ...and Alcohol2510667426.68
12ESPN POKER PALSLet's Do It Again2410214425.58
13Running QB'sWe like Running QB's5021268425.36
14Guys w/ BIG ShoesRespect Few... FEAR NONE3113150424.19
15TuscavilleA Superior Fantasy Format!!2912301424.17
17Uber Wizdom All Conferenc99% or Bust !229320423.64
18Venezuela College FootbalDivision l FBS Football2410137422.38
19The Streak Experts PAC12thestreakexperts.com3012247422.31
20420 or bustAll in a daze work12451487422.02
21Chicago Sports NutzSweet Home Chicago!2510087420.29
22No Cat A (All Conf.)We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A19983598420.09
23SFM - All ConfSkydiving for Meatloaf10543970418.76
24Seinfeld FansNo, I mentioned the bisque...9238060418.24
25SFM - Pacific 125723792417.40
26Freebies Kings Pac 12In It to Win It229144415.64
27Living Legends Elite P12Only the Strong2711207415.07
28Colorado #1 UberBout damn time we have PLAYOFFS2610763413.96
29American Patriots-All239520413.91
30Rascal Kings2610339413.56
31No Cat A (Pac-12)"We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"10643350412.86
32Hawaiian PunchLet's Go Bows!!!2911473409.75
33Southern Christianschristian league2711062409.70
34Army FolksOnly Sailors Drop The Soap!3112667408.61
35SFM - Southeastern5924077408.08
36Pennsylvania People OnlyKeystone Challenge5020367407.34
37Ninja PleaseA Premium Football Format3212562405.23
38alabama I-65roll damn tide228845402.05
39College Football Game (c)If you love watching college football, this is your group2810855402.04
40Living Legends Elite SECOnly the Strong249642401.75
41Elizabethton FootballIf winning was easy, losers would do it.238427401.29
42OCP Sports Fans3211992399.73
43Shadow Platoon - All2811182399.36
44No Cat A (SEC)" We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A "14357064399.05
45Irish Envy ChallengeLove thee Notre Dame218377398.90
46Detroit Beer LeagueBeer and football.....4216277397.00
47Fans of SECthe best teams play the best6324123395.46
48S&A CFB ChallengeVerify Like A Champion259076394.61
49The SEC (Logo)7 in a row2911415393.62
50ESPN College FootballNational Group12247604393.42
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