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Pick The Upsets And You Will Be Rewarded

By Brian Gramling
Special to ESPN.com

AP Photo/Michael Perez

Florida Gulf Coast put up big points in last year's game as a No. 15 seed, pulling off two big upsets. Who will be the Cinderella team to target this year?

Welcome to the 2014 College Hoops Pick 'em, a game that complements Tournament Challenge quite well.

Why is that, you ask?

How many times has your bracket been busted by the end of the first weekend? For those of you who have experienced that, you know how nice it would be to still have a horse in the race while watching the rest of the tournament. That's where College Hoops Pick 'em comes in.

All you have to do is select which teams you think will win each of the 63 tournament games from March 20 on, with an eye toward compiling the most total points. But not all selections will be worth the same amount of points. In order to reward users for picking the correct upsets, points scored will be determined by a combination of a team's seeding and the round in which the game takes place.

In terms of base points, teams seeded 1-4 are worth one point, 5-8 seeds two points, 9-12 seeds three points and 13-16 seeds four points. In order to determine the number of points a correct selection is worth, you'll take the team's base value (which never changes throughout the tourney) and factor in the round multiplier, as listed below:

Round 2 (Round of 64): winning team receives its base point value only
Round 3 (Round of 32): winning team receives its base point value multiplied by two
Round 4 (Sweet 16): winning team receives its base point value multiplied by three
Round 5 (Elite 8): winning team receives its base point value multiplied by four
Round 6 (Final Four): winning team receives its base point value multiplied by five
Round 7 (Championship): winning team receives its base point value multiplied by six

For example, if you correctly pick a No. 13 seed to win in Round 2, you will receive 4 points, which is three more points than you'd receive if you chose their opponent, a No. 4 seed. In other words, the value of correctly picking one No. 13 seed to win is equal to the value of correctly selecting all four No. 4 seeds to win in any round.

If you score the most points, you'll have a chance to win the grand prize, a $5,000 Best Buy gift card.

If you like to have a rooting interest in every game during the tournament, even after your bracket sheet has found a home in the garbage, College Hoops Pick 'em is perfect for you, so sign up today! Click here for strategy tips

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