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Fans of DukeWe love Duke!NoPublic4185
Fans of Air ForceWe love Air Force!NoPublic3855
Fans of MichiganWe love Michigan!NoPublic3318
Fans of North CarolinaWe love North Carolina!NoPublic3260
Fans of FloridaWe love Florida!NoPublic2955
Fans of Ohio StateWe love Ohio State!NoPublic2678
Fans of AlabamaWe love Alabama!NoPublic2523
Fans of SyracuseWe love Syracuse!NoPublic2310
Fans of KentuckyWe love Kentucky!NoPublic2196
Fans of Michigan StateWe love Michigan State!NoPublic2055
Fans of WisconsinWe love Wisconsin!NoPublic2043
Fans of AkronWe love Akron!NoPublic1789
Fans of KansasWe love Kansas!NoPublic1788
Fans of ArizonaWe love Arizona!NoPublic1420
Fans of LouisvilleWe love Louisville!NoPublic1356
Fans of Wichita StateWe love Wichita State!NoPublic1099
Fans of TexasWe love Texas!NoPublic1054
Fans of ConnecticutWe love Connecticut!NoPublic1040
Fans of IndianaWe love Indiana!NoPublic996
Fans of IowaWe love Iowa!NoPublic930
Fans of MinnesotaWe love Minnesota!NoPublic852
Fans of NebraskaWe love Nebraska!NoPublic822
Fans of IllinoisWe love Illinois!NoPublic822
Fans of TennesseeWe love Tennessee!NoPublic779
Fans of Notre DameWe love Notre Dame!NoPublic773
Fans of OregonWe love Oregon!NoPublic770
Fans of PittsburghWe love Pittsburgh!NoPublic755
Fans of UCLAWe love UCLA!NoPublic742
Fans of VirginiaWe love Virginia!NoPublic694
Fans of Iowa StateWe love Iowa State!NoPublic684
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