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Crushers at Thunder Box Score Matchup 16 (Feb 11 - 24)

Box Scores:
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Thing Crushers
Record: 15-2-1
Standing: 1st in Metropolis
Thor Thunder
Record: 13-4-1
Standing: 2nd in Metropolis (2 GB)
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 2 / 14
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 3 / 14

TEAM                               FEB 11FEB 12FEB 13FEB 14FEB 15FEB 16FEB 17FEB 18FEB 19FEB 20FEB 21FEB 22FEB 23FEB 24SCORE
Thing Crushers 110271692500008513227136145110966
Thor Thunder11031109250000138126522711382966
Thing Crushers Box Score
STARTERSFeb 11 StatisticsTOTAL
PGRamon Sessions*, Cha PG, SG6-116-81-22110-10001914
SGVince Carter, Dal SG, SF4-101-24-55300-20001311
SFShawn Marion, Dal SF, PF3-103-31-15000-2000106
PFGreg Monroe, Det C, PF8-151-70011422-20201723
CSamuel Dalembert, Mil C3-50-1007010-1000610
GJrue Holiday, Phi PG4-14002-43910-3000108
FEvan Turner, Phi SG, SF4-142-20-15300-1000106
UTILEmeka Okafor*, Wsh C5-82-20010300-10201223
UTILMartell Webster*, Wsh SF1-4000-11100-10002-1
UTILDante Cunningham, Min PF4-900004112-1000810
Thor Thunder Box Score
STARTERSFeb 11 StatisticsTOTAL
PGJordan Crawford, Bos SG, PG000000000000000--
SGKemba Walker, Cha PG, SG6-155-61-36630-20001819
SFCarmelo Anthony, NY SF, PF000000000000000--
PFLarry Sanders, Mil PF, C000000000000000--
CAl Horford, Atl C, PF10-141-20010232-10202134
GBradley Beal*, Wsh SG10-174-44-54222-20002828
FJeff Green, Bos SF, PF5-87-71-14011-20001819
UTILLuol Deng, Chi SF4-133-40-211100-30201110
UTILJason Thompson, Sac PF, C000000000000000--
UTILJerryd Bayless, Mem PG, SG000000000000000--