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Santa Cruz 2400s Box Score Monday, April 7

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Note: This team has hit the GP limit alotted for the PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, UTIL slots. Players in these slots are not eligible to accrue any stats for the remainder of the season.

Santa Cruz 2400s Box Score
STARTERSApr 7 Statistics
PG --------------------
SG --------------------
SF --------------------
PF --------------------
C --------------------
G --------------------
F --------------------
UTIL --------------------
UTIL --------------------
UTIL --------------------
BENCHApr 7 Statistics
BenchKevin Durant, OKC SF--/------/----------------
BenchThaddeus Young, Phi SF, PF--/------/----------------
BenchAndre Drummond, Det C, PF--/------/----------------
BenchSpencer Hawes, Cle C--/------/----------------
BenchBrandon Knight, Mil PG, SG--/------/----------------
BenchGerald Green, Pho SF, SG--/------/----------------
BenchKevin Martin, Min SG--/------/----------------
BenchMarkieff Morris, Pho PF, C--/------/----------------
BenchMario Chalmers, Mia PG--/------/----------------
BenchDarren Collison, LAC PG--/------/----------------
BenchMatt Barnes, LAC SF--/------/----------------
BenchOmer Asik, Hou C--/------/----------------
BenchRay McCallum, Sac PG--/------/----------------