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Last Stand at Bacon Box Score Matchup 16 (Feb 11 - 24)

Box Scores:
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Chris Paul's Last Stand
Matthew Platt
Record: 13-7-0
Standing: 2nd in Division 2 (1 GB)
Canadian Bacon
Devin Dignam
Record: 12-8-0
Standing: 3rd in Division 2 (2 GB)
TEAM                               FEB 11FEB 12FEB 13FEB 14FEB 15FEB 16FEB 17FEB 18FEB 19FEB 20FEB 21FEB 22FEB 23FEB 24SCORE
Chris Paul's Last Stand21.545.52132.5000026.534.5-4.568.56.544296 -293.8 = 2.2
Canadian Bacon23.53425.510.5000033410.5418.538255.5 -253.6 = 1.9