Q. Is Fantasy Basketball really free?
A. Yes, you can play the entire season for free if you wish. However, if you decide to play for free you will not be eligible to win prizes. To be eligible to win prizes, you must create/join a prize eligible league.

Q. What about Live Scoring? Do I have to pay for this too?
A. No, Live Scoring is free to all owners who decide to play Fantasy Basketball. It is displayed from your standings and box score pages. Please keep in mind that fielding stats will not be included in the live scoring application.

Q. Will 2009 Fantasy Basketball leagues still use ESPN default league settings? Will there be ESPN trade reviews and the investigation of collusion?
A. Yes, all of these features and more will be included when joining a Prize-Eligible League. ESPN trade review is only available to Prize-Eligible leagues, where league settings such as league setup, scoring and playoffs are pre-determined. All you have to do is set up your team, draft and play! If you are interested in more user options, you will need to set up a Customizable League. You will be able to edit which scoring options and how many roster spots you would like to use. There are numerous features that can be customized to your liking.

Q. Concerning free Fantasy Basketball, can I be placed in a league with random users?
A. Yes, you can play for free and be placed in a public league with other random users. You will have the option to either create your own league or join a public/private group. All standard leagues will utilize a 10-team alignment while using either Rotisserie or Head-to-Head Each Category scoring type.

Q. If I draft my team (or all teams in my league draft) after the start date of the NBA season, am I still eligible for prizes if we are in a Prize-Eligible league?
A. You must finish drafting before the first official NBA game.

Q. Our 3-year Keeper League has expired. How can we extend our keeper league another 3 years?
A. We no longer offer standard league keeper leagues. In order to continue your league, you will need to create a customizable league. You will be able to invite the same owners from your past league. The league manager will have the capability to set how many keepers the league wants to use and when the keeper deadline date will be. This is completely customizable. The keeper rules are accessible for league managers only and can be found on the League Settings page.

Q. What if I, as a Team Manager, choose not to keep the maximum number of players allowed in my keeper league?
A. If an owner chooses not to keep the maximum number of players allowed, they will draft a new player from the available pool once all keepers have been retained. For example, assuming a four team league with a maximum of three keepers, where two owners choose not to keep three players, a straight (not snake) draft will occur as follows:

    1st round:

    Adam obtains first of three keepers

    Brian obtains first of two keepers

    Chris obtains first of three keepers

    Dave drafts a player from available player pool

    2nd round:

    Adam obtains second of three keepers

    Brian obtains second of two keepers

    Chris obtains second of three keepers

    Dave drafts player from available player pool

    3rd round:

    Adam obtains third of three keepers

    Brian drafts player from available player pool

    Chris obtains third of three keepers

    Dave drafts player from available player pool

    4th round (regular draft selections for all owners):

    Adam drafts player from available player pool

    Brian drafts player from available player pool

    Chris drafts player from available player pool

    Dave drafts player from available player pool

    5th Round (regular draft selections for all owners and snake format begins):






Q. What happens to our draft list if our league manager changes the universe in our league?
A. Once the player universe is changed in customizable leagues, all of the draft lists are reset to reflect the new universe. The team owners will need to go back and make the necessary changes.

Q. Is there a limit to how many free leagues I am able to create?
A. Yes, you will be able to create 10 free leagues to use for this season. Just please keep in mind, joining free leagues will not make you eligible to win prizes.

Q. Our league has it set up where only the league manager can veto trades. If I'm the league manager and I let the review period end without making a move, what will happen with the trade?
A. If you, the league manager, do not approve or veto the trade manually, the trade review period will expire. Once it expires, the trade will automatically process.

Q. Is it possible to participate in a NBA Style Draft rather than a Snake Draft in customizable leagues?
A. Yes, the league manager will need to turn on Draft Pick Trading in their LM Tools. Then the teams will need to manually trade the necessary draft picks to the correct teams. Also, league managers will be able to manually make all of the trades themselves by utilizing the Edit Rosters feature in LM Tools.

Q. When are rookies placed on the waiver wire/free agent list?
A. Players will be listed on the ESPN Fantasy Basketball waiver/free agent list the morning after they are officially added to the team's roster (which is often the day after they play for the first time, since most NBA teams make the roster moves right before the start of the games.) Therefore, if you see a rookie make his debut, he will be in the player pool that next morning, if he is not already in it.

ESPN may manually add, without notice, any player our experts believe has a legitimate shot at playing in the given year, even if that rookie is not on an NBA team's active roster yet. When we do so, those players will show up, either in FA or on waivers in the mornings.

Q. When will I see new positional eligibility for players at the start of the season or throughout the season (for example, Amare Stoudemire moving from C to PF when Shaquille O'Neil was acquired from the Miami Heat).
A. Before each season begins, the system receives an updated report that details every NBA player with their listed position heading into the new season. This includes rookies as well as veterans. The listed primary positions are fixed and will not change for the duration of the season. Additional Positional changes made during the season will be made at our discretion. In Custom leagues the league manager CANNOT change the listed position of any player in the game.

Q. What happens if I add new teams to a keeper league? How will their draft work?
A. A keeper league draft will vary on how many keepers your league manager set to keep for the upcoming season. For example, if the league is set to keep three players, there will be three keeper rounds. These picks will take place in the first three rounds of the draft. The picks will be auto-selected automatically when the team is slated to pick.
For all new teams, the owner would receive a pick in each of these three rounds. They would be able to choose from the available player pool. These include all players not being used as keepers on other teams. Please keep in mind the keeper rounds do not use a snake-style draft format.

Q. Do we need to select keepers in our Custom Keeper Leagues from previous seasons?
A. If a team owner decides to not select any keepers, he/she will be able to draft from the available player pool. These include all players not being used as keepers on other teams. These teams will select their picks in the same rounds as the teams who are carrying keepers.

Q. After I load Java, I can't test out the draft. Am I doing something wrong?
A. The Test your Draft feature from your league homepage does not actually allow you to perform a draft. It runs a test on your computer to see if you have the correct version of Java installed. If so, you will receive a Success message which tells you that your computer will be able to load the draft applet.

Q. Can we draft different teams from the same computer?
A. Yes, you are able to open several draft applications from the same computer without any problems.

Q. What happens if we draft after the season starts in an ESPN league?
A. Leagues drafting after the season begins will have results that includes play up until that point. In a Custom League, if a League Manager wishes to ignore the results, he/she would need to schedule the first X weeks as byes for all teams.

Q. Why am I getting kicked out of my draft?
A. In order to experience a successful live draft, we ask that you please test your computer to make sure the java applet loaded properly on your machine prior to the draft process. The link can be found from your league homepage.
We also ask that you please lower or disable your anti-virus and/or firewall security settings. Once you complete your draft, you will be able to return the settings back to normal.

Q. Why did my Standard League not draft at the scheduled time?
A. In Standard Leagues, the draft will only take place once all team owners have joined. To set a new draft date/time, league members must vote in the league referenda. Please keep in mind that you will need at least 6 votes for each option for the change to be made.

Q. I cannot remember my username/password. What can I do?
A. If you have any questions regarding billing, your account, or need to remember a member name or password, please access our member services section by clicking here: ESPN Member Services

Q. According to your Rules and Restrictions, I am not eligible to win prizes playing ESPN Premium or Prize-Eligible Fantasy Games based on the state I live in. Why is this?
A. ESPN's Fantasy Games are subject to the laws of each of the fifty states. Any state excluded from prize eligibility in ESPN Fantasy Games is based on our review and interpretation of the applicable law in that state at that time. While these laws prevent us from permitting residents of excluded states from winning a prize in our Premium or Prize-Eligible Fantasy Games, they do not prevent such residents from paying an entry fee and playing for fun if they so choose. Currently, the following states are excluded from our Premium and Prize-Eligible Fantasy Games, which means participants residing in these states may pay an entry fee and play, but are ineligible to win a prize: Washington, Arizona, Maryland, Tennessee, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont, Montana and North Dakota.