Rules: Custom League Setting Locktimes

The table below details the time in the season which particular league settings lock and can not be edited.

  • League Setup = These settings can not be changed after you confirm your league settings.
  • Draft = These settings can only be edited before the league's draft begins.
  • Season Start = These settings can only be edited before the season starts.
  • Playoff Start = These settings can only be edited before the league's playoffs begin (H2H Only).
  • End of Season = These settings can be edited throughout the full season.
  • Never = These setting can be changed at any time during the season.
League Name: Never
Scoring Type: League Setup
Number of teams in league: Draft
Roster Slots: Draft
Position Limit* ("MAX PER TEAM" column): Never
Games Played Limit* (ROTO and PTS only): Never
H2H Matchup Limit* (H2H Only): Never
* - Limits can only be increased, not decreased.
Scoring Categories/Points Settings*: Never
* - Any change in scoring categories will impact league standings retroactive to the start of the league's season.
Player Universe: Draft
Observe Undroppable Players List: Never
Make League Viewable to Public: Never
Lineup Changes: Draft
Season Acquisition Limit* (ROTO and PTS only): Never
Waiver Period: Never
Trade Limit: Never
Trade Deadline: Never
Trade Review Period: Never
Votes Required to Veto Trade: Never
* - When eliminating waivers, any player who is on waivers due to being dropped from a team's roster will remain on waivers until the following day. Note: This season-long option is now only available in ROTO and PTS-based leagues. H2H leagues can only set Matchup (Weekly) limits.
Division Settings (H2H Only): Season Start
Team Names & Owners: Never
Weeks per Regular Season Matchup: Season Start
Weeks in Regular Season: Playoff Start
Matchup Tie Breaker: Playoff Start
Teams/Weeks in Playoffs: Playoff Start
Weeks per Playoff Matchup: Playoff Start
NOTE: When adding teams or weeks to the playoff schedule, if the regular season schedule needs to be shortened, matchups at the end of the regular season will be dropped from the schedule. Similarly when adding weeks to the regular season schedule, matchups will be added at the end of the regular season and all teams will be on bye weeks. It is the League Manager's responsibility to edit such matchups.
Current Season Keeper Settings: Draft
Next Season Keepers Settings: Never
Draft Type: Draft
Draft Date: Draft
Draft Pick Trading: Draft
Reset Draft: End of Season
Seconds allowed per pick: Draft
Draft Order: Draft