Teams draft players from the whole NBA Universe.

In all leagues, there are 10 active slots and 3 bench slots. See below for specific active positions.

Each team defaults to 10 active slots on it's roster, as listed below:

(1) Point Guard (PG) (1) Flex Guard (G) - either PG or SG
(1) Shooting Guard (SG) (1) Flex Forward (F) - either SF or PF
(1) Small Forward (SF) (3) Utility (Util) - Any position
(1) Power Forward (PF) 
(1) Center (C) 

The utility slots can be filled by any position (PG, SG, SF, PF, C).

There are 3 bench spots that may be occupied by players at any position. Statistics generated by players on a team's bench are not applied to the team's combined total statistics. The third bench slot replaced the old IR slot. The IR is not available.

Teams may change their active roster at any time during the regular season. Slots lock at first scheduled game of day. The time stamp will come from the League Office, and may vary slightly from the actual time - owners should try to submit their moves at least few minutes before the deadline. There is no limit to the number of active roster changes a team can make over the course of the season.

FBA '10 gives team owners the ability to modify their lineups for future days of NBA action. This can be helpful if you will not have access to a computer (on vacation, business trip, etc.) but you would like to make sure that you are receiving credit for players at each team roster slot. Go to your My Team page and click on the links for the date(s) of interest to access your roster page for each future date. Then modify your roster.

At the beginning of the season, the Commissioner's Office deems certain superstar players "undroppable." What this means is that they are ineligible to be dropped directly to waivers. The reason this is done is to prevent collusion, so that a weaker team (such as one that will most likely not make the playoffs as the end of the season draws near) cannot simply drop their star players to waivers in order to be picked up by higher-ranked teams in their league.

The pool of undroppable players is determined and managed solely at the discretion of the Commmisioner's Office, and will be updated as necessary in the event of an injury, decrease in playing time, decreased performance, etc. Note that the undroppable status does not effect your ability to move a player in and out of your lineup, move him to an injured reserve slot, or trade him.