Free Agents

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Stephen Curry, GS PG, SGLAIM.471.8853.
Chris Paul, LAC PGCOYN.467.8551.34.310.
Kyle Lowry, Tor PGWOMB.423.8132.
John Wall, Wsh PGWOND.433.8051.
Damian Lillard, Por PGBDL.424.8712.
Goran Dragic, Pho PG, SGSAND.505.7601.
Kyrie Irving, Cle PGLAIM.430.8611.
Isaiah Thomas, Sac PG2XR.453.8501.
Mike Conley, Mem PGBDL.450.8151.
Monta Ellis, Dal PG, SGSAND.451.7880.
Ricky Rubio, Min PGSlip.381.8020.
Jose Calderon, Dal PGlin.456.8252.
Jeff Teague, Atl PGlin.438.8460.
Kemba Walker, Cha PGWOND.393.8371.
Darren Collison, LAC PG2XR.467.8570.
Ty Lawson, Den PGSAND.431.7981.
Jamal Crawford, LAC SG, PGWOND.416.8662.
Deron Williams, Bkn PGWOMB.450.8011.
George Hill, Ind PGWOND.442.8071.
Mario Chalmers, Mia PGCogs.454.7421.
Brandon Knight, Mil PG, SGSlip.422.8021.
Victor Oladipo, Orl SG, PGWOMB.419.7800.
Brandon Jennings, Det PG2XR.373.7511.
Tony Parker, SA PGCogs.499.8110.
Russell Westbrook, OKC PGWOMB.437.8261.
Jeremy Lin, Hou PG2XR.446.8231.
Michael Carter-Williams, Phi PG2XR.405.7030.
Jameer Nelson, Orl PGSlip.394.8572.
Eric Bledsoe, Pho PG, SGWOMB.477.7721.
Trey Burke, Uta PGCogs.380.9031.
Brian Roberts, Nor PGLAIM.420.9400.
Jrue Holiday, Nor PGCogs.447.8100.
Kendall Marshall, LAL PGLAIM.406.5281.
Will Bynum, Det PGlin.428.8020.
Rajon Rondo, Bos PGlin.403.6270.
Jimmer Fredette, Chi SG, PGCOYN.471.9050.
Ray McCallum, Sac PGSAND.377.7440.
Derrick Rose, Chi PGLAIM.354.8441.