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Early 2014-15 Rankings

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Brian McKitish evaluates injury-plagued options from this season, including Eric Bledsoe and a certain guard in Los Angeles, and reveals his first set of 2014-15 rankings. Weekly Dish

Cregan: '14-15 auction values
Podcast: Season in review
Kaiser: Loaded draft class Insider
Cregan: Undervalued players
Cregan: Overvalued players


2014 League Champion!
Iblaka Flaka Flame
Owner(s): James Michaud
Regular Season Record: 16-3

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Cool Conference
1.No Rose No Problem10-9
2.#TeamLightSkin #Gay #69 #...8-11
3.Team RAG-Vee † :D5-14
4.Team Jpipezz3-16
Gay Loser Conference
1.Iblaka Flaka Flame16-3
2.Team Jesus16-3
3.Ball Dont Lie15-4
4.#KateUpton #69 #69 #69 #693-16
Updated Thursday, April 17, 2014

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