Create Your Prize-Eligible League

The first step in getting your standard league on the hardwood this season is to enter its basic settings and click 'Create League' button below. After you submit this, you will be presented with the option to make the league prize-eligible, where the league champion is awarded a league prize and each team is leaderboard and Uber game eligible. Click here to view the Pubic League Directory.

Basic Settings
Scoring Type
Compete against your whole league all season long, trying to rank the highest in each stat category.?
Go head-to-head with one opponent each week, earning a win or loss for each stat category.?
Draft Type
Your league will participate in a live online draft with ESPN's live draft software. Based on a predetermined draft order, each team takes a turn selecting a player in a set amount of time. This type of draft is sometimes called a Snake Draft, as the draft order reverses each round.
Your league's rosters are automatically drafted based on each team's pre-draft rankings list. Each team owner will receive an email upon the draft's completion.
Your league will participate in a live online auction draft using ESPN's auction draft software. In an auction draft, teams begin with a set budget and take turns nominating players to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Draft Date

Note: Regardless of playing Roto or H2H, all standard leagues use these same league settings:

Teams in league: 10
Player Universe: All NBA Players
Draft Order: Randomized at draft
Lineups Change: Daily - Individually at gametime
Roster Locktime: Daily - First game of day
Total Roster Size: 13 (10 starters, 3 bench)
Starters (10): PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F, 3 UTIL
Bench (3): BE, BE, BE
Stat Categories: 8 total

Note: By participating in ESPN Fantasy Basketball 2015 you agree to the Legal Restrictions and agree to receive email from ESPN regarding your status in the game.