Drafts: Offline
The Offline Draft option is only available in Custom leagues. If your league is set up to use the Offline Draft option, you and your fellow team owners will conduct your own draft without the aid of ESPN's online draft system. A common example of this is for leagues that gather together every year at a house or in a bar and draft in person. Its "old-school" and a really fun!

The format of an Offline Draft is up to the league members themselves though they should use the established league settings as a basis. In order for an Offline Draft to work, it is critical that someone records each team's draft picks (usually on paper or in a computer program like Microsoft Excel).

Your league's draft type and details are listed on both your League Settings page, as well as on your League Office page.

NOTE: If the League Manager changes the league's draft type from Offline to either Live Online or Autopick (or vice-versa), each league member will be sent an e-mail notification of the change.

After your offline draft is done, you must submit the results to our system via the Enter Offline Draft Results page accessible on both the League Office and League Manager Tools page. There is no time limit on this process but it should be done as soon as possible after the league's offline draft is complete so all team owners can start managing their teams. When you begin the process of entering the draft picks, the league converts into Draft Mode and when that happens several of the league settings lock until you finish entering all the results into the system.

Below is an example of the Submit Draft Results form you need to use to enter your league's offline draft results. Simply highlight a player's name on the left Select Player area and click the right arrow to move that player into the Draft Player to Team area. Once you have done this for every player the team owner drafted, submit the results by clicking on the Save button. Once you have done this for every team, you can then submit the entire league's draft into our system.

After the League Manager has finished entering all the draft results for your league, the system will need a few minutes to process and convert the league into regular- season mode so owners can start managing their teams. All owners will receive an e-mail notifying them that the draft is complete.

Enter Offline Draft Results Screenshot

Important note: In order for the Draft Results page to correctly reflect the order in which players were drafted you should enter the players in the order they were actually drafted.