Fantasy Basketball Exclusives for ESPN Insiders
Projected League Standings - updated in real-time within the draft client
ESPN offers a unique drafting tool, exclusive to Insiders only! We know every team owner wants an edge during the draft. Wouldn't you like to know your projected league standing (rotisserie format view) with each round draft pick you make? Now there is an exclusive draft client tab that shows you your projected league standing (by statistical category) while you draft, by round (by roto value based on upcoming season projections of each player).

What, you're not an ESPN Insider? Give yourself an edge today and become an ESPN Insider. To make it even easier, the draft tool will give you the option to sign up and become an Insider right then and there - just in time for your draft!

To learn more about becoming an ESPN Insider, click here.

NOTE: Custom Leagues with unique scoring will not be listed in the drafting tool. Only standard ESPN scoring categories apply.