General Rules for Custom Leagues
The League Manager determines what the league's player pool is comprised of. The options are:
  • All NBA Players - Default setting

    The League Manager decides when an individual roster slot will lock. For example, if you have it set up to lock at individual game time, you have up until the player's scheduled game time to place him in the slot.

    The League Manager decides when team rosters lock. If your league has it set up to lock at first game of the match-up, then all free agents/waivers you pick up mid-week will not score any points for your roster until the following week. The League Manager may change the Lineup locktime settings up until one hour prior to the draft. Lineup locktimes may NOT be modified once the league has drafted.

    In Custom Leagues, the undroppable list is comprised of players who cannot be dropped to waivers at any time during the season. ESPN introduced this feature to prevent collusion (In these cases, owners would be able to drop star players, allowing those first on the waiver wire to pick them up). League Managers can choose if they want to allow owners to be capable of dropping all players or be prevented from dropping designated players. This setting can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season.
  • Yes - Default setting
  • No

    As league creator you have the option to make your league viewable to the public.
    • Yes - Your league will be set as Public. Public league creators and team owners can send their league URLs out in email (or post them on a message board) to have non-members view them. In public leagues, some pages (such as the list of team owners and the league message boards) are not viewable, but the main League Office, Standings and Team clubhouse pages are viewable.
    • No - Your league is set as Private and every page (except League Settings) in your league will not be viewable by anyone other than team owners.