How do I re-invite an owner?
Below are examples of problems owners might experience joining your private league and how you can go about fixing them. If one of the examples does not help rectify your problem, please contact Customer Care at 1-888-549-ESPN between 8am and 1am EST any day of the season.

    If the League Manager says they sent you an invitation but you do not see it in your email's inbox it could be due to a couple of reasons.

    1. Your email address entered by the League Manager is simply incorrect. In this case we ask you to communicate with the League Manager to ensure they are entering your correct email address.

    2. Your corporate (or ISP's) firewall blocks email from our ESPN servers. In this case we recommend the League Manager using the "Send me a copy of each invite" option. Once he/she receives the "cc'ed" email (which contains your team's unique join URL) he/she can then forward that email to you via their own email service (thus bypassing any firewall).

    The League Manager invites you to play, and you receive the invite, but upon clicking the unique URL, the page returns saying you cannot join the league. This will happen for one of two reasons:

    1. The League Manager invited another owner to join the team after he/she invited you. Once a different email address is entered and submitted the system will null and void the unique URL on the previous email.

    2. The League Manager changed your mail address. Likewise in the previous example, once a different email address is entered and submitted, the system will void the unique URL on the previous email. In both cases, we recommend that you contact the League Manager to work out the details.