How do I update my trading block?
Trades are an agreement between two team owners to exchange one or more players. Trades can be processed with an uneven number of players as long as they do not violate any roster settings. Trading can be the most enjoyable part of the game, but it can also be a source of frustration for owners who don't understand certain policies or don't do their research on the player(s) involved in a trade.

The Player Watch List is located on the Players tab of your team clubhouse. This tool allows users to track player they would like to pick up and add to their respective rosters. Watch lists are entirely private and cannot be viewed by any other team. When a player on the watch list moves to the Waiver Wire on Free Agency, a flag icon will appear next to that player (indicating availability of that player for pick-up).

All Free Agents on the Waiver Wire will have a grey flag next to their name (in the Status field). To add a player to your watch list, simply click the flag and it will turn blue. That mean's the player has been added to your watch list. To remove the player from the list, simply click the flag again so it turns grey.

To view all players on your watch list, click on the "On Watch List" link on the Player tab, located directly above the list of players.