Roto Leaderboard


1Team Tawil (Dallas Roto 119400)Marco Tawil80.575510115.38
2BIG GAME JAMES (New York Roto 70342)James Karrer79.897410115.19
3Dennis Street Spugs (VegasLeague)Dave Christensen79.876410115.10
4Team Schuyler (Philadelphia Roto Auction...)Gatewood Schuyler79.653910114.52
5Team Holmes (Los Angeles Roto 193557)Landon Holmes78.920110114.29
6Team Harman (Memphis Roto 77021)Jen Harman79.455610114.17
7The Big Lebowski (Boston Roto Auction 170615)Lady Gargoyle78.864910114.05
8No Church In The Wild (Philadelphia Roto Auction...)Lady Gargoyle77.975810113.83
9Team AirBourn (Gay whales)Garrett Obourn77.948910113.49
10beware the big black DWIGHT!! (Boston Roto 48311)Alex B78.623510113.46
11poolside us rocka rolla (Gasol's Army)barry fleck76.990610113.25
12Seph . (Cleveland Roto 81881)Seph Gunulfsen77.883010113.13
13dusty miller (Charlotte Roto 47701)alan summersgill78.422310113.10
14Team lyle (PreSeason)ulysses lyle77.871210113.08
15Team RamRod (Utah Roto 58683)Car RamRod78.380310113.03
16Team Thorlaksson (Detroit Roto 51206)Stefan Thorlaksson78.374710113.02
17ohio warriors (bulls4title)lisa climmons76.981410112.95
18Trophy Room Cav's (NBA Gametime 15)H. Game Wrecker III731.000010112.85
19Virginia Squires (Philadelphia Roto Auction...)Bonnie Speedy77.794710112.84
20Team Nicolo (Minnesota Roto 93540)Mike Nicolo77.760410112.75
21Team Howson (Miami Roto 224631)Gregg Howson77.725110112.67
22Team Juan (Portland Roto 49819)Don Juan77.690710112.60
23Shaq's fu's (WeDemBoys)Jim Kelly77.658310112.53
24Sham Rockers (Boston Roto 118209)Kno- Mad77.548610112.33
25Team Calaycay (FHRITP_x2)Jonah Calaycay77.543310112.32
26You Callin Me A Jive Turkey? (Golden State Roto 48815)Andrew Ganschow76.5.770310112.28
27Team Reilly (Atlanta Roto 134835)Bob Reilly77.513910112.27
28Spin Doctor (Chicago Roto 47236)mark fung77.507210112.25
29Team Schmidt (Los Angeles Roto Auction ...)Mark Schmidt77.498410112.24
30Jrue Grit (New York Roto 48443)Zach Reagan76.908510112.23
31Team Anthony (New Orleans Roto 181846)Andrew Anthony78.043910112.00
32Team Bulls (Los Angeles Roto 107956)Deee Jaysen77.364610112.00
33Team Smith (Milwaukee Roto 49545)Lenbert Smith77.325310111.93
34Sandgate Supersonics (ST PATS NBA LEAGUE)Finn Neil77.296210111.87
35Lobby Gov (Memphis Roto Auction 130770)Kent Justice76.805410111.87
36Team Cusano (Weekend Warriors)Joseph Cusano76.800910111.86
37Team Schade (Phoenix Roto Auction 71067)Thomas Schade76.794110111.84
38Team smith (Charlotte Roto 155800)josh smith76.774310111.78
39Senator Meowingten (Utah Roto 164642)c k77.242110111.76
40Team 5 (Oklahoma City Roto 160454)william kidder76.724910111.67
41Owl Star Team (We The North)Timon Bo77.201810111.66
42mike mike mike mike (Philadelphia Roto 66950)Jen Harman76.696810111.61
43* Alcindor * (Atlanta Roto 84723)D George76.648810111.51
44Crushing Your Pride (Minnesota Roto 216336)Jordan Carlisle76.638410111.49
45Team Harman APB (Houston Roto Auction 212684)Jen Harman76.630510111.47
46team Sayer (Utah Roto 51533)Samuel Sayer75.945010111.46
47Team Pease (Chicago Roto 52870)Jim Pease75.944810111.46
48SWAG MASTER 808 (Golden State Roto 161473)Tobes Chen76.606810111.44
49WTBY GREENMAGIC4 (San Antonio Roto 225952)Dave Graybosch76.578010111.38
50Wotta BOOM (Mimi heat foxes)Ray Chepesiuk77.111010111.38

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in the game. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE):
All FBA standard leagues have 10 teams.

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = TM PTS + League Points

* - Team is not first place team in league.

Note that this leaderboard is unofficial until deemed final by the Office of the Commissioner at the conclusion of the season. All teams are subject to the Rules and Legal Restrictions. All teams must be drafted by 7:00 pm Eastern Time on the first day of the U.S. professional basketball regular season in order to qualify for full season overall prizes and Uber points. Residents of certain states are not eligible for prizes. Top teams will be inspected for collusion and disqualified if necessary. In the event of a tie, a team's League Index will be carried out to as many decimal places as necessary to determine a winner.