Draft Recap

Draft Date: Sun., Oct. 26, 2014      Time: 9:45 PM ET      Type: Snake Draft      Seconds Per Pick: 60      

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1LeBron James, Cle SFDoing it for Bosh !
2Stephen Curry, GS PGFinkle Is Einhorn
3Anthony Davis, Nor PFYoung Bucks
4Kevin Love*, Cle PFTeam Young Money
5Andre Drummond, Det CGame Blouses
6Russell Westbrook, OKC PGTeam Toto
7Chris Paul, LAC PGTeam Black Mamba
8Carmelo Anthony*, NY SFno competition
9Kevin Durant*, OKC SFgetting wiggy with it
10James Harden, Hou SGCookies n Kareem
11John Wall*, Wsh PGCookies n Kareem
12Damian Lillard, Por PGgetting wiggy with it
13LaMarcus Aldridge*, Por PFno competition
14Blake Griffin, LAC PFTeam Black Mamba
15DeMarcus Cousins*, Sac CTeam Toto
16Derrick Rose, Chi PGGame Blouses
17Joakim Noah, Chi CTeam Young Money
18Al Jefferson, Cha CYoung Bucks
19Serge Ibaka*, OKC PFFinkle Is Einhorn
20Chris Bosh*, Mia CDoing it for Bosh !
21Dwight Howard, Hou CDoing it for Bosh !
22Kyrie Irving, Cle PGFinkle Is Einhorn
23DeAndre Jordan, LAC CYoung Bucks
24Eric Bledsoe, Pho PGTeam Young Money
25Kawhi Leonard, SA SFGame Blouses
26Goran Dragic, Mia PGTeam Toto
27David Lee, GS PFTeam Black Mamba
28Ty Lawson, Den PGno competition
29Marc Gasol, Mem Cgetting wiggy with it
30Kobe Bryant*, LAL SGCookies n Kareem
31Al Horford, Atl CCookies n Kareem
32Kenneth Faried, Den PFgetting wiggy with it
33Paul Millsap, Atl PFno competition
34DeMar DeRozan, Tor SGTeam Black Mamba
35Nikola Vucevic, Orl CTeam Toto
36Greg Monroe, Det PFGame Blouses
37Kyle Lowry, Tor PGTeam Young Money
38Dirk Nowitzki, Dal PFYoung Bucks
39Michael Carter-Williams, Mil PGFinkle Is Einhorn
40Brook Lopez, Bkn CDoing it for Bosh !
41Monta Ellis, Dal SGDoing it for Bosh !
42Chandler Parsons*, Dal SFFinkle Is Einhorn
43Kemba Walker, Cha PGYoung Bucks
44Nicolas Batum, Por SFTeam Young Money
45Derrick Favors, Uta PFGame Blouses
46Klay Thompson, GS SGTeam Toto
47Jared Sullinger, Bos PFTeam Black Mamba
48Gordon Hayward*, Uta SGno competition
49Ricky Rubio*, Min PGgetting wiggy with it
50Jabari Parker*, Mil SFCookies n Kareem
51Pau Gasol, Chi PFCookies n Kareem
52Lance Stephenson, Cha SGgetting wiggy with it
53Jrue Holiday*, Nor PGno competition
54Josh Smith, Hou SFTeam Black Mamba
55Rudy Gay*, Sac SFTeam Toto
56Rajon Rondo, Dal PGGame Blouses
57Marcin Gortat, Wsh CTeam Young Money
58Jeff Teague, Atl PGYoung Bucks
59Victor Oladipo, Orl SGFinkle Is Einhorn
60Deron Williams, Bkn PGDoing it for Bosh !
61Nerlens Noel, Phi CDoing it for Bosh !
62Tobias Harris, Orl PFFinkle Is Einhorn
63Thaddeus Young, Bkn SFYoung Bucks
64Nikola Pekovic*, Min CTeam Young Money
65Tony Parker, SA PGGame Blouses
66Mike Conley, Mem PGTeam Toto
67Dwyane Wade, Mia SGTeam Black Mamba
68Brandon Jennings*, Det PGno competition
69Andrew Wiggins, Min SGgetting wiggy with it
70Tim Duncan, SA PFCookies n Kareem
71Zach Randolph, Mem PFCookies n Kareem
72Roy Hibbert, Ind Cgetting wiggy with it
73Kevin Martin, Min SGno competition
74David West, Ind PFTeam Black Mamba
75Jonas Valanciunas, Tor CTeam Toto
76Luol Deng, Mia SFGame Blouses
77Trevor Ariza, Hou SFTeam Young Money
78Robin Lopez, Por CYoung Bucks
79Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil SFFinkle Is Einhorn
80Tyreke Evans*, Nor SFDoing it for Bosh !
81Bradley Beal, Wsh SGDoing it for Bosh !
82Larry Sanders, Mil CFinkle Is Einhorn
83Jose Calderon*, NY PGYoung Bucks
84Arron Afflalo, Por SGTeam Young Money
85Jeff Green, Mem SFGame Blouses
86Markieff Morris, Pho PFTeam Toto
87J.J. Redick, LAC SGTeam Black Mamba
88Ryan Anderson, Nor PFno competition
89Danilo Gallinari, Den SFgetting wiggy with it
90J.R. Smith, Cle SGCookies n Kareem
91Jordan Hill, LAL PFCookies n Kareem
92Andre Iguodala, GS SFgetting wiggy with it
93Jimmy Butler, Chi SGno competition
94Henry Sims, Phi CTeam Black Mamba
95Josh McRoberts*, Mia PFTeam Toto
96Darren Collison, Sac PGGame Blouses
97Terrence Jones, Hou PFTeam Young Money
98Joe Johnson, Bkn SGYoung Bucks
99Wesley Matthews*, Por SGFinkle Is Einhorn
100Carlos Boozer, LAL PFDoing it for Bosh !
101Tyson Chandler, Dal CDoing it for Bosh !
102Julius Randle*, LAL PFFinkle Is Einhorn
103Kyle Korver*, Atl SGYoung Bucks
104Isaiah Thomas, Bos PGTeam Young Money
105Avery Bradley, Bos SGGame Blouses
106Jarrett Jack, Bkn PGTeam Toto
107Jeremy Lin, LAL PGTeam Black Mamba
108Amir Johnson, Tor PFno competition
109Enes Kanter*, OKC Cgetting wiggy with it
110Channing Frye, Orl PFCookies n Kareem
111Manu Ginobili, SA SGCookies n Kareem
112Brandon Knight*, Pho PGgetting wiggy with it
113Eric Gordon, Nor SGno competition
114Nene Hilario, Wsh PFTeam Black Mamba
115Paul Pierce, Wsh SFTeam Toto
116Anderson Varejao*, Cle CGame Blouses
117Jamal Crawford, LAC SGTeam Young Money
118George Hill, Ind PGYoung Bucks
119Gorgui Dieng*, Min CFinkle Is Einhorn
120Ersan Ilyasova, Mil PFDoing it for Bosh !
121J.J. Hickson, Den PFDoing it for Bosh !
122Aaron Gordon, Orl PFFinkle Is Einhorn
123Omer Asik, Nor CYoung Bucks
124Danny Green, SA SGTeam Young Money
125Andrew Bogut, GS CGame Blouses
126Miles Plumlee, Mil PFTeam Toto
127Nick Young*, LAL SGTeam Black Mamba
128Kelly Olynyk*, Bos Cno competition
129JaVale McGee, Den Cgetting wiggy with it
130Dante Exum, Uta SGCookies n Kareem
131Reggie Jackson, Det PGCookies n Kareem
132Doug McDermott, Chi SFgetting wiggy with it
133Evan Turner, Bos SGno competition
134Taj Gibson, Chi PFTeam Black Mamba
135Spencer Hawes, LAC CTeam Toto
136Trey Burke, Uta PGGame Blouses
137Matt Barnes, LAC SFTeam Young Money
138Elfrid Payton, Orl PGYoung Bucks
139Tim Hardaway Jr., NY SGFinkle Is Einhorn
140Patrick Beverley, Hou PGDoing it for Bosh !
141Amar'e Stoudemire, Dal PFDoing it for Bosh !
142Samuel Dalembert, NY CFinkle Is Einhorn
143DeMarre Carroll, Atl SFYoung Bucks
144Shawn Marion, Cle SFTeam Young Money
145Rodney Stuckey, Ind SGGame Blouses
146Tristan Thompson, Cle PFTeam Toto
147Andrea Bargnani, NY PFTeam Black Mamba
148DeJuan Blair, Wsh Cno competition
149O.J. Mayo, Mil SGgetting wiggy with it
150Mario Chalmers*, Mia PGCookies n Kareem
151Wilson Chandler, Den SFCookies n Kareem
152Shabazz Napier*, Mia SGgetting wiggy with it
153Gerald Henderson, Cha SGno competition
154Khris Middleton, Mil SFTeam Black Mamba
155John Henson, Mil PFTeam Toto
156Tiago Splitter, SA PFGame Blouses
157Jameer Nelson, Den PGTeam Young Money
158Emeka Okafor, FA CYoung Bucks
159Jason Thompson, Sac PFFinkle Is Einhorn
160Mason Plumlee, Bkn PFDoing it for Bosh !