Sortable 2015 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

Position: ALL | PG | SG | SF | PF | C | G | F | UTIL
1Anthony Morrow, OKC SG.447.8631.
2Chauncey Billups, FA PG.348.9091.
3Steve Nash, LAL PG.484.9080.
4Ray Allen, FA SG.446.9041.
5Jamal Crawford, LAC SG.418.8742.
6Jodie Meeks, Det SG.444.8651.
7D.J. Augustin, Det PG.402.8771.
8Luke Ridnour, Orl PG.424.8240.
9J.J. Redick, LAC SG.441.9042.
10Kevin Martin, Min SG.433.8941.
11Mo Williams, Min PG.420.8741.
12Kyrie Irving, Cle PG.467.8591.
13Stephen Curry, GS PG.466.8863.
14Raja Bell, FA SG.466.8401.
15Charles Jenkins, FA PG.429.7240.
16Randy Foye, Den SG.407.8442.
17Jason Terry, Hou SG.415.8451.
18Klay Thompson, GS SG.438.8112.
19Manu Ginobili, SA SG  DTD.462.8381.
20Delonte West, FA SG.461.8860.
21Jarrett Jack, Bkn PG.451.8450.
22Chris Paul, LAC PG.471.8651.
23Danny Granger, Mia SG  DTD.392.8951.
24Ben Gordon, Orl SG.419.8471.
25Damian Lillard, Por PG.426.8622.
26Jose Calderon, NY PG.474.8532.
27Kyle Korver, Atl SG.471.8952.
28Wesley Matthews, Por SG.436.8342.
29Aaron Brooks, Chi PG.415.8461.
30Darren Collison, Sac PG.464.8630.
31Rodney Stuckey, Ind SG.427.8250.
32Deron Williams, Bkn PG.442.8281.
33Richard Hamilton, FA SG.435.8360.
34James Harden, Hou SG.453.8602.
35Jason Kidd, FA PG.369.8251.
36Jimmer Fredette, Nor SG.436.8670.
37Nick Young, LAL SG.427.8291.
38Marcus Thornton, Bos SG.425.8371.
39Derek Fisher, FA PG.360.8800.
40Jerry Stackhouse, FA SG.378.8700.