Sortable 2015 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

Position: ALL | PG | SG | SF | PF | C | G | F | UTIL
1Corey Maggette, FA SF.369.8300.
2Steve Blake, Por PG.384.7691.
3Beno Udrih, Mem PG.438.8080.
4J.J. Barea, Min PG.396.7871.
5D.J. Augustin, Det PG.402.8771.
6Toney Douglas, FA PG.383.8220.
7Jonny Flynn, FA PG.351.7440.
8Cole Aldrich, NY C----------------
9Gary Neal, Cha PG.424.8791.
10Jimmer Fredette, Nor SG.436.8670.
11Kendall Marshall, Mil PG.402.5561.
12Austin Rivers, Nor SG.393.6120.
13Terrence Ross, Tor SG.419.8032.
14Jordan Farmar, LAC PG.433.8031.
15Reggie Williams, Mia SF.425.6210.
16Nolan Smith, FA SG.371.7140.
17Jarrett Jack, Bkn PG.451.8450.
18Daequan Cook, FA SG.338.6880.
19Cartier Martin, Det SF.409.7141.
20James Jones, Cle SF.405.6671.
21Iman Shumpert, NY SG.413.7611.
22Richard Hamilton, FA SG.435.8360.
23Anthony Parker, FA SG.433.6251.
24Quentin Richardson, FA SF.353.8460.
25DeShawn Stevenson, FA SG.345.5501.
26Nate Robinson, Den PG  DTD.430.8181.
27Derek Fisher, FA PG.360.8800.
28Linas Kleiza, FA PF.380.8251.
29Donald Sloan, Ind PG.378.6960.
30Charles Jenkins, FA PG.429.7240.
31Ramon Sessions, Mil PG.424.8110.
32Norris Cole, Mia PG.414.7430.
33Andre Miller, Wsh PG.464.8080.
34Mike Miller, Cle SF.468.8111.
35Leandro Barbosa, GS SG.428.8080.
36Kevin Martin, Min SG.433.8941.
37Ryan Gomes, FA SF.326.7270.
38Marco Belinelli, SA SG.454.8361.
39Will Bynum, Det PG.438.8000.
40Isaiah Thomas, Pho PG.450.8551.