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Win Score Association Trophies

Trophy assignments are displayed in chronological order and have no bearing on the league standings.

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Apr 20, 2014
Most Improved Player Award
Biggest increase in production from previous season (for 2011 season, win score will be used, for subsequent seasons wins produced will be used)
Kevin Love named 2014 Most Improved Player
1. Kevin Love, +8.7 WS48 for Canadian Bacon 2. Andrew Bogut, +6.7 WS48 for Metro-North Distractions 3. DeAndre Jordan, +4.7 WS48 for Canadian Bacon 4. DeMarcus Cousins, +4.0 WS48 for The Machine Bannermen 5. Roy Hibbert, +4.0 WS48 for Nerd City Numbers

Apr 20, 2014
Coach of the Year
Most optimal use of lineups (i.e. highest percentage of minutes allocated to the highest producers of wins at each position on the team's roster)
Greg Steele named 2014 Coach of the Year
1. Greg Steele got 89.55% of available production from Metropolis Men of Steele lineups 2. Devin Dignam got 87.91% of available production from Canadian Bacon lineups 3. Christopher McGrath got 86.23% of available production from Blackfoot Jazz lineups

Apr 20, 2014
Executive of the Year
Most wins acquired by trades & free agency
Shawn Furyan named 2014 Executive of the Year
1. Shawn Furyan added 35.2 wins from 15 draft picks & 9 free agent acquisitions for the Austin Face Melters 2. Andres Alvarez added 31.1 wins from 12 draft picks, 4 trades & 11 free agent acquisitions for Nerd City Numbers 3. Matthew Platt added 21.2 wins from 12 draft picks & 4 free agent acquisitions for Get Used To Disappointment

Apr 20, 2014
Sportsmanship Award
Most smackboard comments
Shawn Furyan wins 2014 Sportsmanship Award
1. Shawn Furyan posted 14 comments to smackboards 2. Devin Dignam posted 3 comments to smackboards

Apr 20, 2014
Citizenship Award
Most message board comments
Shawn Furyan wins 2014 Citizenship Award
1. Shawn Furyan posted 40 comments to the message board 2. Devin Dignam posted 34 comments to the message board

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