Hero League Championship Trophy History

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Hero League Championship

This trophy is given to the team and coach of the winner of the 2009-10 Hero League Championship.

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Championship Trophy
Each past winner possesses trophy

Created Oct 9, 2009 by R . Henderson Jr.


Oct 16, 2014 - Awarded to Captain America Protectors by Robert Henderson Jr.  
2014 League Champion
Congratulations to the 2014 Hero League Champions, Captain America Protectors!

Oct 7, 2013 - Awarded to Iron Hide Destroyers by Robert Henderson Jr.  
2013 Hero League Champions
The Iron Hide Destroyers have finally done it! After several times of coming up short and being 2nd best, the Destroyers are the #1 Hero in the League! Congratulations to the Iron Hide Destroyers and Coach Marc Hill!

Apr 16, 2012 - Awarded to Flash Lightning Bolts by Robert Henderson Jr.  
2012 League Champion
The Flash Lightning Bolts cap off what is no question the greatest season by going 15-0 with not one single scratch on them. Congratulations to Coach M. Henderson and the entire Flash Lighting Bolt organization!

Apr 10, 2011 - Awarded to Thor Thunder by Robert Henderson Jr.  
2010-11 Hero League Champion
The Thor Thunder are the 2010-11 Hero League Champs, by displaying a dominating performance against the favorite Iron Hide Destroyers. Congratulations on a great season Coach Untiedt and the whole Thor team!

Apr 5, 2010 - Awarded to Green Lantern Force Field by Robert Henderson Jr.  
2010 League Champion
The Champion of the Super Hero League for the 2009-2010 season is the Aquaman Drowning, who put up a dominating performance throughout all stages of the season. Congratulations from the league office and all of the Hero League participants.