ESPN Fantasy Football 2012: FAQ

I cannot remember my user name and/or password. What can I do?

Is ESPN Fantasy Football really free?

How do I join my league?

How can I leave a league that I have joined?

How do I find my team?

How do I change my e-mail address?

How do I change my league matchups?

How do I edit my league's schedule?

How do I invite owners to my league?

How do I re-invite an owner?

How do I update my draft list?

Can I trade draft picks?

How do keepers work?

What happens if I add new teams to a keeper league?

What happens to our draft if our LM changes the player universe in our league?

What if I choose not to keep the maximum number of players allowed in my keeper league?

What's New in 2012?

What are LM powers and who has them?

When do league settings lock?

Where can I learn more about how to play ESPN Fantasy Football?

Why can't my son or daughter play ESPN Fantasy Games?

Why did my league not draft at the scheduled time?

Why is my Snake Draft not 'snaking'?

Why can't I download the Offline Draft App using Google Chrome?

  How do I add or drop a player?

How do I add or remove a player from the Watch List?

How do I adjust a team's score?

How do I claim a player off waivers?

How do I create / assign trophies?

How do I make ESPN aware of inappropriate behavior on message boards?

How do I make roster adjustments after players have locked?

How do I move a player on or off the IR?

How do I propose / accept a trade?

How do I veto or protest a trade?

How do I view my league's trophies?

How do matchup limits and game limits work?

How do Roto standings work?

How does trade review work?

How is a player's position eligibility determined?

How is waiver order determined?

I drafted a team but now cannot find it anywhere. Where is it?

Is there a limit to how many free teams I am able to own or create?

What are auto trophies?

What are LM powers and who has them?

What are waivers?

What happens if I add new teams to a keeper league?

What is the Watch List?

When do standings update?

When will my trade be completed?

Where do I find my league / team ranking?

Why are my league settings locked?

Why are some stats missing or incorrect?

Why can't I connect to Smack Boards / ESPN live scoring?

Why can't I drop certain players?

Why isn't my player IR eligible?

  Can I edit my league's playoff matchup?

How do playoff tie breakers work?

When do playoffs start?