Rules: Weekly Play

Weekly Play
Each playing week starts on Monday and ends at 3 a.m. ET on Tuesday. All games within the Thursday to Monday play period are considered to be within the same week. Players whose games have already started are listed as "Locked" and can not be moved into, out of, or within a team's roster until after rosters have been officially set for the week of play at 3 a.m. ET Tuesday morning.

12:00am -
4:00am: Sunday trades process 3:00am: Rosters unlock for upcoming week
Waiver order reconfigured
Waivers process
(The initial weekly run)
9:00am: Trades lock
9:00am -
      Players lock at
their scheduled gametime
6pm -
      3:00 a.m.
Weekly roster finalized

* Note that waivers process approximately at 3 a.m. ET. Due to the high volume of waiver claims at certain times of the season, it may take multiple hours for all waivers for all leagues to process.

Note that during the course of the FFL season official scoring changes may occur. While we want to make every effort to keep in line with the official stats, we feel that after a certain period of time scoring changes would be too disruptive to the flow of the game. Our policy is to correct all scoring changes occurring within two weeks of the end of the game in question. Scoring changes that occur beyond two weeks from the end of a game will not be reflected. Additionally, once the first week of the FFL playoffs have kicked off (Week 14), we will not make adjustments for Week 13 so as not to alter the regular season standings. Once the FFL final matchups have kicked off (Week 16), we will not make adjustments affecting the first round matchups.

Standard Game: Positions and Active Roster
A team's active roster consists of nine players -- seven offensive players, one kicker and one defensive unit. The D/ST slot includes the defense and special teams of a single NFL team. Only your active roster will accumulate points for your team -- players on your bench gain personal stats but these are NOT included as points for your team. The nine active roster spots of each team are filled using the following requirements and position maximums:

1 - Quarterback (QB)
2 - Running Backs (RB)
2 - Wide Receivers (WR)
1 - Running Back/Wide Receiver (RB/WR)
1 - Tight End (TE)
1 - Kicker (K)
1 - Defensive Unit (D)

Roster Limits
The following are the maximum number of players that can exist on a team's roster:

4 - Quarterbacks (QB)
8 - Running Backs (RB)
8 - Wide Receivers (WR)
3 - Tight Ends (TE)
3 - Kickers (K)
3 - Defensive Units (D/ST)

You can still only have a total of seven (7) players on your bench at one time.
A team's minimum roster size is nine, so you could choose for your bench to be completely empty.

Undroppable Players
At the beginning of the season, the Commissioner's Office places certain superstar players on the official undroppable list. What this means is that they are ineligible to be dropped directly to waivers. The reason this is done is to prevent collusion, so that a weaker team (such as one that will most likely not make the playoffs as the end of the season draws near) cannot simply drop their star players to waivers to be picked up by higher-ranked teams in their league. The list will be updated and amended as player values change due to performance and/or injuries.

The list of undroppable players is determined and managed solely at the discretion of the Commissioner's Office. Note that the undroppable status does not effect your ability to move a player in and out of your starting lineup or trade the player to another team.