Rules: Mobile FFL Management and Tracking

We all know that fantasy draft day is the most important day on the calendar. But what happens if you have drafted a great team but you can't manage your roster on game-day because you're traveling, running errands or just away from the computer? No worries, ESPN has your back!

With ESPN MVP on Verizon Wireless, you can manage your ESPN fantasy football team(s) right on your phone. Get the latest stats, commentary and player information so you can assemble and track your winning roster all season long - wherever you are! That means you can bench, start and make waiver transactions right from the phone (we know nothing's more nerve racking than hearing one hour before kickoff that your active Tight End, Kellen Winslow, has been benched by the Browns and you happen to be nowhere near a computer to swap him in the roster with your backup Tight End). ESPN Mobile Web and ESPN MVP - the best way to manage your fantasy football team on the go! Below are a few of the very powerful tools that make ESPN your chosen sports companion this football season!


There has never been a better mobile sports experience. Get up-to-the-minute FFL game scores with Gamecast. View video highlights, listen to ESPN radio clips. Personalize your favorite teams, players and ESPN columnists. Even manage your ESPN Fantasy teams (that means activate players and bench them, in real time). It's your portable sports... everything, and it's only available on Verizon V CAST VPak. For more information on ESPN MVP, click here.

ESPN Mobile Web

Stay connected to ESPN on your phone. Get the latest news, standings and much more about your favorite teams and players. It's FREE* (standard carrier rates may apply) and available on most mobile phones and PDAs. ESPN Mobile Web delivers access to the most comprehensive sports coverage on your mobile phone. This includes up to the minute scoring, tracking your ESPN Fantasy teams and ESPN Deportes Language Conversion (and more). For more information on ESPN Mobile Web, click here.

ESPN Alerts

Why wait to catch the score? Sign up for ESPN Alerts and get the latest scores, breaking news, and ESPN Fantasy updates sent to your phone. Sign up is easy, you choose the Alerts you want to receive. It's *FREE (standard carrier rates may apply), and it works on any mobile device that can receive text messages. For more information on ESPN Alerts, click here.

ESPN Mobile TV

Also, with Verizon MobileTV, team owners can get all the breaking fantasy advice via The ESPN Fantasy Focus, right on their phone. To learn more about ESPN on Verizon MobileTV, click here.


ESPN ScoreCenter is exclusive for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Stay on top of all the results you care about with one-tap access to your personalized set of scores. Never miss another touchdown, goal, pitch, basket, try or wicket. ScoreCenter brings you the fastest and most reliable game details like plays, key stats, leaderboards, boxscores and scoring summaries.

Whether you follow the NFL or the Premier League, the ICC Champions League or MLB, NASCAR or Formula One, ScoreCenter offers the most comprehensive sports coverage available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese. To learn more about ESPN ScoreCenter on the iPhone, click here.