Drafts: Offline
The Offline Draft option is only available in League Manager (LM) leagues. If your league is set up to use the Offline Draft option, you and your fellow team owners will conduct your own draft without the aid of ESPN's online draft system. A common example of this is for leagues that gather together every year at a house or in a bar and draft in person. It's "old-school" and alot of fun!

The format of an Offline Draft is up to the league members themselves though they should use the established league settings as a basis. In order for an Offline Draft to work, it is critical that someone records each team's draft picks. With ESPN this can be done in one of two ways: First, if no computer is available, it is usually done on a paper draft board. If a league member has a computer available for the draft, the League Manager can sign into the league with his credentials and download the new ESPN offline draft tool (explained below).

NOTE: The offline draft tool does not support keepers and LMs will need to use the web based tool to support an offline draft with rostered keepers.

Click on a draft type below to see specific rules:

1. Offline Draft Web-Based Tool
2. New Offline Draft App

NOTE: If the League Manager changes the league's draft type from Offline to either Live Online or Autopick (or vice-versa), each league member will be sent an e-mail notification of the change.