Preparing Your Team
After joining a league with Fantasy Football you will be taken to your team information screen. There you will name your team and once you have access to your team page, you will be able to change any of the following features.

You can edit your team name by clicking on the Edit Team Name link on your team's subnav. Both parts of your team name (Location and Nickname) have a maximum character length of 15, and there is no unique team name restraints (so more than one team in a league could have the same name). On this page you can also edit your team's 4-character abbreviation. Since several pages in the game only use the abbreviation part of the name, we recommend you use one that can stand alone for these situations. For display purposes, it is also recommended that you keep your team name as short as possible, so that tables don't wrap.

NOTE: When you first join your league your team might have already been named for you by the league manager, but your team name can be changed at any time during the season.

Owners in LM leagues have the option of linking to a graphic directly from the Web (allowing for more creativity). To do so, enter the URL of the desired image in the Web address field and click on "set logo."

NOTE: When the graphic is applied to your custom league team, the linked image will be forced to a size of 151 pixels wide and 129 pixels tall. For the best possible results, adjust the size of the image to this dimension to improve the quality/clarity of the image. You cannot upload a logo to our system. You must reference a logo on the web.

ESPN also offers free Team Logo Sticker Packs, allowing you to easily create unique avatars for your fantasy football team. The new free Fantasy Football logo templates include pre-designed sports and entertainment driven logo graphics to enhance your team identity.

The "Pre-Rank Players" page can be accessed from your team's home page. Once you're on the page you can rank the players in any order you want (kickers first, anyone?). To change your selections just enter your ranking in the new column and click save. For autopick draft leagues the order of your players determines the order in which they are drafted to your team (the system will auto-select the best available player). For Live Online draft leagues the rankings are only used if you do not pick a player within the allotted time and you also have no players on the pending pick queue.