Waivers and Free Agency in Standard Leagues (Free & Prize Eligible)
Waivers is the time period by which a player must wait before becoming free agents. Players go into waivers when your draft is complete, once a player's game has started each week and immediately after a player is dropped from a team. The standard game system enforces a 1-day waiver period. During this time all team owners are allowed to put a waiver claim in to add the player to their team. The system also resets the waiver order each week to the inverse order of the league's standings. So the last place team (with the fewest total points), will have the highest waiver priority ("1") each week during the season.

NOTE: Waivers won't reset in your league during the playoffs if they are set to inverse order of standings. The playoff teams have already been determined in your league so the standings won't change. Once a team claims a player from waivers they will move to the end of the list.

Players on waivers are listed with the day of the week the player is scheduled to clear waivers (ie, "WA (Wed)"). To put a waiver claim in on a player, click the "Add" button. At this time you will be brought through the appropriate adjust roster and confirm transaction pages to submit the claim.

On the date waivers are scheduled to clear, the system checks if any teams have a waiver claim on a player. If none do the player becomes a free agent who can be added on a first-come, first-served basis. If only one team has a claim on the player, then he is added to that team and the team's priority in the waiver order is moved to the last slot (ie, "10"). If more than one team have a claim on a player, then the system checks which team has the highest priority (closest to "1"), and that team will win the waiver claim. All players added to your team via waivers are placed in a bench slot. Each team's waiver priority is displayed on the My Team page.

The waiver process begins daily at approximately 4 a.m. ET.

To help prevent the issue of cycling players through free agency, a player that is added and released on the same day will remain a free agent.

The team with the most money remaining after auction draft is complete will get the "better" waiver position. If two or more teams are tied with money remaining, the team that finished their roster first will get the "better" waiver position.

NOTE: Free Agency Auction Bidding (FAAB) is not available in the ESPN standard fantasy football experience. To access ths feature, you must participate in either an ESPN Custom or League Manager (LM) league that has selected this option.