How do I change my League's Matchups?
Excessive byes and unequal division matchups occur when a League Manager adds or deletes teams after the schedule is initially set up. Only the League Manager has the ability to adjust league schedules.

Here are the steps for removing unnecessary byes:

  1. Go to LM tools.
  2. Select 'Edit Head To Head Schedule'.
  3. Locate the first week that needs to be adjusted and click 'Edit'.
  4. Select the checkbox appearing next to a BYE, then move to the opposite column and select the checkbox for a team you would like to move to that position. You are essentially trading the positions of the two selections.
  5. To trade the selected teams' positions, click on 'Switch Teams'.
  6. Continue step 4 and 5 until the week's matchups are correct.
  7. Select 'Save changes'.
  8. Select 'Edit' to correct matchups for the remaining weeks of the season.