How do I draft for an absentee owner?

LM Tools Screenshot
LM Tools screenshot.
League Managers have the ability to perform a number of draft admin functions at anytime during the draft. These can be done on the LEAGUE MANAGER tab in the main window (this tab only appears for LMs). Only if the draft is paused can the LM perform these admin functions.

PAUSE DRAFT: LMs have the ability to pause the draft at any time. If this happens the bidding clock will stop and the app will display a "Draft is Paused" message. Once the draft is resumed, the clock will start for the current bid.

CONFIGURE TIME: LMs have the ability to set the time per Selection (Nomination and Bid for Auction Drafts). The system default for both is 90 seconds (30 for Auction Drafts) and these can be changed to other 5-second increments. Once the draft is resumed these new time configurations will be in place.

UNDO PICK(S): LMs have the ability to undo draft picks at anytime during the draft. If this happens the draft pick(s) will be reversed, the player(s) returned to the available pool and bid(s) refunded. NOTE: If a single pick is undone, all picks AFTER the undone pick will be undone as well. For example, if after 10 picks, the 5th pick is undone, picks 6-10 will also be undone.

RESET DRAFT: LMs also have the ability to "Reset" the draft at anytime. If this happens all previous draft picks will be reset, all players released, and all bids refunded. The Auction draft will start over from scratch.

NOTE: Public Custom leagues do not have League Managers.