How do I join my league?
To join your league (if you have not received an invitation from the league creator/league manager), have the league creator send or resend the league invitation to your email address or to an alternate email address. Also, it is a good idea to check your spam or junk mail folders as the invitation may be located there. If that is the case, we recommend adding "" to your contact list in your email.

If you are using AOL or AIM email, you will need to "enable links" to tap on the league invitation within the email body text. This can be done using the yellow notification bar at the top of the email. If these suggestions do not work, the league creator/league manager can copy himself on the email and then provide you the URL in a separate email or chat window. As a last resort, the league creator/league manager can also obtain the new owner's Member Name and Password, login as the new owner and then access the URL to accept on the new owner's behalf.