How do I update my draft list?
If your league uses either the Live Online or the Autopick draft method, you have the option to pre-rank the players. The Pre-Rank Players page can be accessed from either your main team page or from the top-left of the League Office page. On the page, rank the players in the order of your preference. The current rankings are displayed under the Saved column. To change these values, enter your new ranking in the New column. Your changes will not be saved to the server until the Save Rankings button is clicked on the page. For Autopick draft leagues, the order of players determine the order in which players are drafted to your team (the system selects the highest ranked player who is still available). For Live Online draft leagues, the rankings are only used if you do not pick a player in the allotted time limit (and you have no players on the pending pick queue).

NOTE: Once the draft lists are released, the system does not make any additions to the list of players, nor does it change any positions for players.