How do I veto or protest a trade?
ESPN introduced this option to allow leagues to decide whether a trade is fair to both parties and to prevent collusion. The power to veto trades can be given to the league owners or only to the League Manager (LM leagues only). If league owners are given veto power, the number of owner votes will determine whether a trade is vetoed.

NOTE: In LM leagues, this setting can be changed by the League Manager at any time during the season.
  • League Manager Only (LM Leagues) - If selected, all accepted trades can only be vetoed by the League Manager within the time length specified in the "Trade Review Period" setting. All team owners are given the option to submit their comments about the trade (which only the League Manager can view). If the trade is vetoed by the League Manager, the trade is immediately cancelled. If the trade is upheld by the League Manager (or the time length expires without a decision from the League Manager), the trade processes according to the league's "Trade Review Period" setting.
  • Specific number of teams - If selected, the number of teams listed must vote to veto the trade in order for it to be cancelled. If the number is not reached by the time the "Trade Review Period" expires, the trade will be upheld. If the number is reached, the trade will be immediately cancelled. Teams with more than one owner will only receive one veto vote, but either owner may cast it. Trades pending a vote by each team will come to each team owner in the form of an email. Detailed instructions for voting on the trade will be included in the email.
  • NOTE: If the setting is changed while a trade is pending, the trade will be grandfathered to use the setting that was in place when the trade was accepted.