I drafted a team but now cannot find it anywhere. Where is it?
If you are unable to find your drafted team, please close and relaunch your web broswer. Then navigate to the ESPN Fantasy Football Homepage. Log in at the upper right-hand corner of the page by entering your Member Name and Password. Your teams should display on the right side of the page. If your team does not appear, it may have been drafted under another member name or you may have participated in a mock draft.

If you can see your team/s on a computer, but not in the Fantasy Football app, please review your account information (and correct Member Name) by accessing this link from that computer:


Once you know the correct Member Name, sign into the Fantasy Football application with the same account and you should see your league/s.

NOTE: If you know your member name and participated in a live draft but still are unable to find your drafted team, you should call customer care at 888-549-ESPN (3776) to assist. ESPN Customer Care is open every day from 8am to 1am EST.