Why is my Snake Draft not 'snaking'?

In order to prevent a user from improving his draft position by not taking keepers, ESPN Fantasy drafts do not "snake" during the keeper rounds. Keeper rounds will process 1-10 for each Keeper position available, even if no Keepers have been selected. For example, in a three Keeper league, the first three rounds will process 1-10, then beginning with the fourth round onward, snaking will begin in the league's draft order.

If you wish to use a standard snake draft for the current season, you can turn off keepers as follows:

NOTE: You will lose your current draft time and will need to select a new draft time and date.

1. Visit your league office
2. Click on "LM Tools"
3. If your draft is currently in progress, you will see a link to reset your draft. Click on this link, and then follow the confirmation prompts (you'll be asked to confirm twice). This will close your draft room temporarily
4. Click on "Edit League Settings" (in the left-hand column)
5. Click on the "Transactions and Keepers" tab
6. Click the red button that says "Edit Transaction and Keeper Settings"
7. Look for the section that says "Keepers Rules," near the bottom of the page
8. You should see a dropdown that reads "Use Keepers for 2012 Season" and has options for Yes and No
9. Select No
10. Click the "Submit Settings" button
11. Click on the "Draft" tab
12. Click the red button that says "Edit Draft Settings"
13. Select a new draft date and time
14. Click "Submit Draft Settings"