Standard 10 Team Leaderboard


1Team Nuwav (Chi Town)7-0Alfonso Smith866.935010809.72
2Ballz Deep (The League 2K14)5-1-1Brian B850.948610*806.30
3Show me your TD's (Kings of the Gridiron)7-0Hayden Blalock864.926010800.07
4Team Shore (Denver Auction 1573649)6-1Elijah Shore874.905410791.33
5Team A$$ (Detroit H2H Points 60728)6-1danny gross882.895210789.56
62nd Grade Ian (Marwaha)7-0Julie Allen838.941610789.04
7Team Bates (Tampa Titans)7-0Justin Bates836.943710788.94
8Team FinnGrimes (The Vortex 2.0)7-0Joseph Rosato865.908910786.22
9Team Ethington (Repairs to 367 Dungate)5-2Chris Ethington834.940210*784.13
10Team Kikolski (AZSTEELERS)7-0Steve Kikolski832.942310784.02
11Team Field (LSIFOOTBALL)6-1Jack Field838.934710783.28
12Team Van Tuinen (Wolfs Of Fantasy)6-1Geno Van Tuinen841.931010783.01
13Tkills SA x CA (JVO Crew)6-1Jorge Saavedra843.926310780.88
14First Down Syndrome (Atlanta Auction 1715166)6-1David Meister852.915910780.38
15Team Red (football time 3690)7-0Ryan Hamilton871.894610779.18
16SPF 100s (The Third Division)6-1craig halpin841.926010778.77
17Team Mathieu (the best 256787)6-1Mitchell Mathieu843.923110778.18
18beast squad 3 (Washington Auction 358818)7-0Michael Langhorne854.910610777.65
19Confused Zebras (ESPN STANDARD CHAMPIONS)7-0Paul Meyer843.921710777.03
20Team Singh (Pittsburgh Auction 1218284)6-1Harshpreet Singh856.905010774.64
21Team Steed (Evidence Based Practice S...)6-1Sam Steed817.947810774.37
22Taste The Dwayne Bowe (Blazers 2k14)7-0Rob farley861.899010774.05
23Team Roxie (htgy league)6-1Robert Crowther826.936410773.45
24Reign of Terror (Miami 1658895)5-2Dan Lyon856.903310*773.21
25Shalm of Hawaii (Active Owners Only)6-1Jordan Shalm812.952110773.10
25Team Utah (New England 1580231)7-0Johnny Utah848.911710773.10
27Team Smith (Tennessee 1544807)6-1Brian Smith835.925910773.09
28Team Raymond (DePaul FootBALL)7-0Tyler Raymond873.885310772.85
29Florida Hurricanes (Fun and Bragging rights)5-2Jason Ramos826.935210*772.45
30Hezzy All Day (St. Louis 1476318)6-1hezron brown883.874310772.00
31Kim jong il (Patriot Nation)7-0Andrew Fithian839.919910771.80
32Cucamunga Coconuts (Better late than never)5-2Andrew Lenskold838.919810770.76
33Team Delaney (NY/Florida)7-0robert delaney842.914310769.81
34Team whitehead (NFL)5-1-1tracy whitehead820.938510*769.59
35Team newton (Just For Fun Fantasy)5-2cam newton837.919110*769.32
36Fire Jerry Now (The 206 Fantasy Group)7-0Tom Bartell827.929710768.84
37Rise up Falcons 2014 (Atlanta 644871)5-2Craig Alsup846.908510768.56
38Arya Ready For Some Football? (Sebs Juniors)6-1Owen Finnegan805.954710768.53
39Falcons Suck (King's Ridge Fantasy League)6-1julian champ843.911510768.41
40Pimp Daddys (Jacksonville Auction 1724332)7-0Drake Herrera861.890510766.69
41Average Players (San Diego 1389694)7-0Greg Wood835.917910766.47
424 Skinz (Indianapolis 1757917)7-0eugene kreiser867.883610766.08
43Team Ben Dover (The Dirty Flamingos)6-1Justin Caccamo825.927410765.09
44Team Lissman (Mr. Jeffries Homie Squad)6-1Nolan Lissman864.885410765.01
45PRIDE OF DIXIE (Seattle 1529352)6-1Chris ginger825.927110764.84
46Subliminal Criminals (who gon stop me)7-0Richard Carter836.914910764.83
47Team Van Ostran (Oakland 1562299)6-1Colin Van Ostran829.922510764.75
48Vegas Rat Pack (Tampa Bay 646695)7-0Gary Gatrell865.884110764.71
49Team SteelCity (Seattle 1644944)7-0Anna Seifried815.937910764.40
50Mahlers Fleaflicker (Friendship 3)7-0Eric Hanson824.927210764.04

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.