Standard 12 Team Leaderboard


1Dean Winchester (12-Team H2H Points 1268212)11-2Jonathan_ferreira842067.9276121917.27
2Team SALYARDS (12-Team H2H Points 1404047)9-4VWHIPPIE1935.9772121890.82
3Team Currie (12-Team H2H Points 1301906)12-1zauberberg792097.900412*1888.14
4Team Johansen (12-Team H2H Points Auctio...)12-1JoJo1980332019.9345121886.83
5Team benson (12-Team H2H Points 1465637)9-4DSBens17182028.9297121885.43
6Creepy Cactus (12-Team H2H Points 1443297)12-1-Tooch-1945.967412*1881.56
7The Snickety-snick (12-Team H2H Points 187212)10-3todd72541986.944912*1876.65
8Come And gone (12-Team H2H Points 1336854)10-3Paul Minicucci1996.9400121876.34
9Jamaal Charles In Charge (12-Team H2H Points 523466)10-3yogiraina1932.9710121876.04
10Team 4 (12-Team H2H Points 1444498)12-1Jonesy86421926.9708121869.67
11Team Glass (Dallas 12-Team H2H Points...)11-2gbpsleeper1884.9901121865.35
12Sharie's Flyers (Dallas 12-Team H2H Points...)13-0aniterrifan1987.9381121863.96
13Virginia Seagulls (12-Team H2H Points 1393632)11-2daveh122019561918.9710121862.45
14The 9th Texicans (Denver 12-Team H2H Points...)12-1tdpuu1995.9335121862.27
15Jettin Down (12-Team H2H Points 1177732)11-2Aepplejoose1966.9471121861.96
16JJs Smackdown (12-Team H2H Points 961113)10-3Monk Sports1941.9573121858.04
17Nashville Stars (12-Team H2H Points 766971)12-1197Jay2027.9164121857.60
18Just Win Baby (12-Team H2H Points 168914)13-0MeTaXa2192023.9174121855.98
19Keep OffDezNutz (12-Team H2H Points 1103927)11-2daygoboi_021959.9470121855.22
20Ninjy Whompin Action (12-Team H2H Points 399358)9-4ruddthestudd171921.9651121853.91
21Fig Newtons (12-Team H2H Points 1162469)11-2Tomkat02171894.978112*1852.56
22Team Dean (12-Team H2H Points 1383416)11-2iMobJerry911937.9562121852.14
23Team Hazel (12-Team H2H Points 1111282)9-4bleedbluewi1930.9589121850.76
24Team saddler (12-Team H2H Points 699821)11-2dsaddler781940.9534121849.55
25Graham's Cracker (12-Team H2H Points 1249109)12-0-1rickjames101010102017.9164121848.43
26Team Gibson (Dallas 12-Team H2H Points...)12-1clayton.gibson852024.9129121847.79
27Mylife 4Aiur (12-Team H2H Points Auctio...)12-1Blask822005.9213121847.13
28Team devine (12-Team H2H Points 1018610)10-3hundons1934.9546121846.12
29W Y N N (12-Team H2H Points 1376569)11-2Las Vegas Palms1987.9284121844.63
30Team Dirksen (Miami 12-Team H2H Points ...)12-1iowafan301935.9525121843.15
31Team Beaty (12-Team H2H Points 1469915)12-1dmnbty111961.939412*1842.11
32Team Berna (12-Team H2H Points 1365636)13-0bcb4201965.937212*1841.56
33Draft 2 of 41 (12-Team H2H Points 319206)13-0daschalks1964.9361121838.52
34Team Who Dey (12-Team H2H Points 73302)13-0crab_cakes@ymail.com1905.965112*1838.47
35Team bateman (12-Team H2H Points 63117)11-2manface2701947.9442121838.38
36Sim SiLLy (12-Team H2H Points 1450693)11-2SimSiLLy1924.9551121837.65
37Jolly Rogers (12-Team H2H Points 935628)9-4jgray441973.9311121837.07
38Team Martin (12-Team H2H Points 1425404)12-1marty18411941.9463121836.75
39Go Bronco's (12-Team H2H Points Auctio...)8-5chrisf30011906.962412*1834.29
40PEYTON PISTOLS (12-Team H2H Points 880228)10-2-1TONEY32382014.9107121834.25
41Team Hoova (12-Team H2H Points 1436736)10-3Big Hoova1882.974412*1833.84
42Team King (12-Team H2H Points 1490405)11-2cjkingpin442006.9140121833.50
43Team Woo (Dallas 12-Team H2H Points...)11-1-1wlnicks1926.951912*1833.28
44Overly Manly Men (12-Team H2H Points 688549)9-3-1JohnAddams1879.975312*1832.50
45Book of Eli (12-Team H2H Points 1444431)12-1bees42421921.9529121830.57
46Team taylor (12-Team H2H Points 1460269)11-2garyttoledo1962.9325121829.59
47TIGHT Ends Are Friends (12-Team H2H Points Auctio...)9-4dr_ake_ly1864.9809121828.46
48Shark Attack (12-Team H2H Points 438613)11-211hotpeppers111992.9173121827.32
49Team Dizzy (12-Team H2H Points Auctio...)10-3benjammin2night2003.9118121826.37
50Team Robert (12-Team H2H Points Auctio...)12-0-1brobert11361955.9337121825.48

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.