Standard 10 Team Leaderboard


1The Red Hot Oompa-Loompas (Soflo League)10-3Parker Jackson2073.9588101987.62
2Team daugherty (Hp 13)8-5ron daugherty2029.9684101964.86
3Team Hunahpu's (Poeseidon)11-2James Scott2067.9480101959.61
4OC BOLTS (STAGECOACH BANDITS)12-1larry barnett2175.8990101955.27
5TPC Houston (Uber Wars 8)9-4Randy Jones2000.9752101950.43
6Philadelphia Avengers (The League)10-3Michael Ippoliti2051.950210*1948.94
7Fort Wayne Woodies (Tampa 2)12-1Reginald White2031.9595101948.75
8Team Herbert (Freedom Games A2)11-2Theodore Herbert2013.9661101944.83
9Sir Winsalot (Active Players Only)11-2Kory Breiwick2026.9597101944.33
10Hot Tamales (League of da Supremes)12-1Brandon Limeres2066.9383101938.62
11SUPERBOWL BOUND (PLAY LIKE A RAVEN)10-3Tom Sova2037.9510101937.16
12Team Greeny (Myden would fondle)11-2Shawn Green2068.9349101933.38
13The Program (boom)11-2nathan rosenbeck2045.9444101931.20
14Medina Crushers (Detroit Lions Playoff Bou...)11-1-1Richard Velker2053.9388101927.45
15Team BFM (NFL Scotland)11-2Blair MacLean1995.9643101923.82
16New Commish (5 foot nuthin' 100 and nu...)12-1Matt Keepin1995.9624101919.95
17The Champions (LAHS '17 Fantasy Football)10-3Brendon Ng2000.9586101917.13
18Karr's Raiders (All Saints' League B)11-2Terry Karr1976.9700101916.63
19Team flannery (Buffalo H2H Points 1391958)11-2brian flannery2063.9286101915.66
20Walk of Shame (Fantasy Doorway)11-2Todd Carlson2045.9365101915.20
21Ouu kill 'em . (midview's old greats)12-1Brandon Blascak2001.9565101913.95
22Team Butler (Arizona H2H Points 1379826)12-1Ryan Butler2056.9300101912.12
23Team Tanks (Washington H2H Points 137...)12-1frank weskel2065.9244101908.99
24Team conrad (Buffalo H2H Points 700463)11-2paul conrad2068.9229101908.52
25Riley's Nigz (Do Work)11-1-1Anthony Laine2009.9485101905.51
26big bang theory schmitz (SLACKERS)10-3lance schmitz2037.935010*1904.65
27NYC InYoFACE! (NonBallers)11-2brandon dorceus1971.9661101904.26
28Capt Buccaneer (New York H2H Points 1476923)9-4Drew Forsyth2001.951110*1903.05
29Hotdog 38 (Win or Go HOME)12-1michael barnes2008.9475101902.67
30Winterfell Direwolves (H2H Points Auction 1436731)11-2Zach Kloss2063.9220101902.10
31PEYPCREG W (H2H Points Auction 162803)10-3Ima Stallion2037.933710*1901.97
32#FreeWop #Fxck12 (NY Nasty)13-0Tanner Diaz2085.9122101901.90
33Call Me Bro50 (Any Given Sunday)8-5Trey Spruill1964.9676101900.32
34Team Chase (Deep in the Punt)11-2Clay Chase2036.9333101900.15
35Slayy The Pooooooooon (orindafootball12)10-2-1jack stevens1958.9701101899.42
36Pnutt Butter Jelly Boyz (Super Ball 7)9-4Christopher Levine2035.9330101898.70
37Kibbles and Vicks (MORHISER)13-0Jason Baril2001.9487101898.29
38Team Baldwin (LoveOfTheGame)10-3Andrea Baldwin1998.9498101897.70
39So Much Room For Activities (Prestige Worldwide)9-4kelly mangin1977.9599101897.68
40Arkansas Hillbillies (Three Rounds and a Blunt)8-5chance young2012.9431101897.52
41Tshminga Biakabatuka (What's Odin Lloyd up to?)10-3Nathaniel Redig1961.9675101897.29
42No Punt Intended (HOUSE OF PLAYERS)11-2Kyle Junick1975.9601101896.13
43Team $ Sweaty Nutz $ (GameTime)12-1mike merchant2064.9186101895.92
44Team Fintastic (Miami H2H Points 1361463)11-2Anthony Bragg1979.9580101895.88
45Alexis Feeklethrow (Buy My Chips)8-5Adam Shea1958.9681101895.62
46SUCK VICK (Keep Calm And Fantasy On)11-2Josh Dennis1997.9479101893.00
47Pete Diddy (Prestige World Wide)12-1peter degorter1977.9574101892.85
48Team sizzle (Primetime)9-4nick sizzle1970.9607101892.56
49Dallas Blackhillbillys (50 Plates)10-3Derrick Gause2098.9020101892.35
50NJ Raiderzz (Patriot League)9-4John Lipich1966.9624101892.16

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.