Standard 10 Team Leaderboard


1Luckness Monstarz (MSA)11-2Richard Gumbel1814.9091101649.11
2Robert Goul## (hoss house)13-0Danny Sottosanti1782.9197101638.83
3Tkills SA x CA (JVO Crew)11-2Jorge Saavedra1826.8917101628.23
4Artesia's Finest (SkumBagRandy)10-2-1Devyn Garcia1799.9010101620.96
5Confused Zebras (ESPN STANDARD CHAMPIONS)11-2Paul Meyer1803.8951101613.90
6Montee's Ball Zach Ertz (La Liga)10-3ernesto fuentes1741.9256101611.43
7I am Groot (NHS Fantasy Fun League)10-3Justin Barkow1780.9049101610.78
8Florida Stompers (NOT ready for Prime Time V)10-3James Randle1773.9079101609.69
9Florida Hurricanes (Fun and Bragging rights)10-3Jason Ramos1775.9065101609.00
10SPF 100s (The Third Division)11-2craig halpin1740.923510*1606.87
11Return of the King (League is better than Madden)10-3Kyle Sierra1781.9000101602.95
12Team Kikolski (AZSTEELERS)11-2Steve Kikolski1770.9030101598.28
13Gold Chain No Name (Insert Clever League Name...)12-1Matt Chandler1769.9035101598.21
14Team Field (LSIFOOTBALL)11-2Jack Field1802.8868101598.10
15Ballz Deep (The League 2K14)9-3-1Brian B1736.9200101597.11
16Nordland Barbarians (Green Bay H2H Points 80816)12-1Douglas Coe1847.8639101595.54
17Team wagonburners (Screwballs 2014)12-1travis toledo1755.9076101592.76
18Peyton Mannings Playoff Record (Football by the Guy)11-2Jeremy Stewart1758.9054101591.70
19Reigning Champ (I need money)10-3Tim Meehan1759.9042101590.48
20Joique Off My Johnson (The Wayzata Pu55ies)11-2Drew Carter1769.8985101589.41
212nd Grade Ian (Marwaha)10-3Julie Allen1738.9140101588.55
22beast squad 3 (Washington Auction 358818)11-2Michael Langhorne1828.8665101584.05
23Team 7 (Dallas 1265791)10-3Kevin Long1784.887110*1582.50
24Fvshion killv Larry Legendzz (FFL)12-1daniel deuyour1781.8879101581.39
25Team newton (Just For Fun Fantasy)10-3cam newton1736.909910*1579.60
26Lucky to be Brown (Cincinnati Auction 1469522)10-3Sohum Hulyalkar1734.9102101578.25
27The Mountain Who Rides (Selfie Nation)12-1Kyle Schwartz1744.9045101577.39
28Team Bates (Tampa Titans)13-0Justin Bates1731.9100101575.29
29Gronk If You're Grorny (You Mad Bro)11-2Chris Keach1781.8843101574.93
30Wine Her, Dine Her, 49er (NGL)7-6Taylor Richardson1708.921910*1574.57
31Seaside SEAHAWKS (Saints)10-3Jeffrey Edmonds1807.8712101574.23
32Bud Girl (Tampa Bay 1029982)11-1-1KRISTY PRATT1790.8794101574.10
33Team Megatron (Big Mikes leauge)12-1michael austin1721.9146101574.05
34Team Weindel (St. Louis 1452395)12-1Cory Weindel1798.8752101573.64
35Mona Lisa (Where's the toilet paper?)11-2Scott Nelson1733.9077101573.03
36Howard's Hammer's (Competitive Players Olny)13-0bryan howard1776.8857101573.01
37Taste The Dwayne Bowe (Blazers 2k14)11-2Rob farley1830.8587101571.38
38Scranton Skidmarks (Jacksonville 242145)11-2G Nasty1839.8544101571.32
39Ben there, raped that (Engineering Football League)10-3Jacob Paris1716.9146101569.48
40Team Cleveland (league of league)11-2Seth C1721.9119101569.43
41Rob Gronkowski Jordy Nelson's (2014 DAWG POUND)10-3connor williams1736.9039101569.10
42Team Singh (Pittsburgh Auction 1218284)11-2Harshpreet Singh1827.8585101568.56
43Team Slater (FFF:Fantasy Football Fede...)9-4Sam Laughton1716.913710*1567.87
44Matt Riddoch's Bighorn Sheep (FF League)12-1Colby Roy1684.9308101567.50
45Team Delaney (NY/Florida)11-2robert delaney1767.8869101567.18
46The Boss Lady (Texas Tough)11-2Madison Draehn1771.8848101567.04
47PRIDE OF DIXIE (Seattle 1529352)10-3Chris ginger1740.8999101565.81
48We The Best (Caldi's league 2)13-0Dillon DiBartolomeo1764.8873101565.11
49Sparta The Brave 300 (The Elite)10-3Brendon Nash15651.0000101565.00
50fragfootball 8 (Arizona 1729937)12-1Brian Counce1733.903110*1564.99

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.