Standard 10 Team Leaderboard


1Arizona Cardinals (NFL)4-0TJ Creath3581.000010358.00
2Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)4-0TJ Creath3491.000010*349.00
3Atlanta Falcons (NFL)3-1TJ Creath3391.000010*339.00
4Green Bay Packers (NFL)4-0TJ Creath3321.000010*332.00
5Denver Broncos (NFL)4-0TJ Creath3071.000010*307.00
6New England Patriots (NFL)3-0TJ Creath3001.000010*300.00
6San Diego Chargers (NFL)2-2TJ Creath3001.000010*300.00
8New York Jets (NFL)3-1TJ Creath2891.000010*289.00
9Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)2-2TJ Creath2871.000010*287.00
10Buffalo Bills (NFL)2-2TJ Creath2841.000010*284.00
11Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)1-3TJ Creath2791.000010*279.00
12Seattle Seahawks (NFL)3-1TJ Creath2781.000010*278.00
13Carolina Panthers (NFL)3-1TJ Creath2741.000010*274.00
14New York Giants (NFL)3-1TJ Creath2721.000010*272.00
15Oakland Raiders (NFL)2-2TJ Creath2641.000010*264.00
16Dallas Cowboys (NFL)3-1TJ Creath2591.000010*259.00
17Baltimore Ravens (NFL)1-3TJ Creath2581.000010*258.00
18Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)2-2TJ Creath2451.000010*245.00
19Osamah's Arabic Balls (UF Phi Tau)4-0Matthew Weinberg536.454810243.76
20Team Erfle (Luck her right in the percy)3-1July Erfle546.439910*240.17
21sweet victory for Brady (Chicago 1435385)3-1angel lapierre545.431710*235.27
22Seattle Runitgoddommitt (Dunder Mifflin Paper Company)4-0Christopher Bachmann559.419210234.34
23Washington Redskins (NFL)2-2TJ Creath2331.000010*233.00
24Glendale Dew crew (La Gran Máquina Roja)4-0Sue Johnson548.425010232.88
24Team 8 (Cincinnati 1984141)4-0luke hammen543.428910232.88
26Southwest Drillers (Grateful Dead 10)4-0Mark Conelly540.427210230.66
27Elm Street Nightmares (Dallas 1625017)4-0Ray Jordan537.429510230.63
28Will Fork On The First Date (GO BIG BLUE!!!!)4-0Cory Shank545.422910230.47
29Team Fisher (Baltimore 1904501)4-0Theron Fisher543.424310230.42
30Gronk's Girl (Weekend Warriors)4-0Ashley Kravetsky536.427810229.28
31LITH Neubsters (Denver 1931743)3-1Scott Neubauer519.441010228.86
32Team Rittal (Tampa Bay 1940558)3-1Aaron Rittal510.447810228.38
33Brick Tuna (Dallas 821192)4-0Justin DiRosa510.447710228.32
34Everyday I'm Russell'n (Them Knight Boyz)3-1Dwayne Dotson508.449310228.23
35Deez Nuts (God hates the Dallas Cowboys)3-1Tiffany Doan511.446510*228.15
36Team jones (Dallas Cowboys)4-0brandi jones526.433310227.90
37Team Nash (Detroit Auction 1971458)4-0Joe Rice532.427210227.25
38SHAKE AND BAKE (St. Louis 2087544)4-0SON OF THE KING536.423710227.12
39Cleveland Browns (NFL)2-2TJ Creath2271.000010*227.00
40U Mad Bro? (FF2K15)4-0Tim Scott513.442410226.97
41Bklyn Pinkers (LD Unplugged)2-1-1Jolie Pink510.444310*226.58
42Derp Derp (Denver 1886175)4-0jimmy jimmy508.445510226.31
43DE Steel Curtain 2 (Tennessee 544200)4-0Mickey Plowden532.425310226.27
44Team Houston Texans (Atlanta 1836757)4-0Gustavo Sepulveda553.409110226.21
45The Eh! Holes (FF Eagle)4-0David Castello514.440010226.15
46Cpt el7 (St. Louis 1137661)4-0g. plascencia525.430510225.99
47Indy Wolves (S.O.E Squad)4-0andrew green527.428710225.95
48You gots no chance (Mensor Misfits)3-1Jason Otto491.459810225.76
49Yeet* hull * (Sunday Funday)4-0tyler hull516.436710225.33
49Team Williamz (It's Just A Fantasy World)3-1Wuzu Williamz504.447110*225.33

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.