Standard 10 Team Leaderboard


1Goon Squad (St. Louis 1429138)1-0James Miles175.951810166.56
2Team 10 (Cincinnati 1100255)1-0Robert Miller172.962110165.47
3Team 5 (Detroit 863404)1-0Jimmy Neel169.973310164.49
4sankey on my dankey (New England 1307861)1-0angi mcbride178.923110164.31
5Dog Gone 4 u (New Orleans 1789523)1-0Eric Wainwright166.977410162.25
6Team HuskerBob (The Gridiron Gang)1-0Robert Erickson169.951810160.85
7Los Pollos Hermanos (New England 802684)1-0jay ricc173.926210160.22
8Vikings 6 (Seattle 1367882)1-0Blake Baumgartner169.946710159.99
9Team. philadel Patrick37673 (Green Bay 164832)1-0Patrick Taylor167.954910159.46
10Team 6 (New Orleans 1689270)1-0Chris VanScoy169.929210157.04
11Team i_got_nothing (RAVENS Nest)1-0Joe Walters171.917910156.97
12Don Murracco (Philadelphia Auction 369404)1-0Jeremy Cunningam180.867710156.18
13TEAM THUNDER (Bull 1999 champ)1-0ron williams164.944610154.92
14Htown Turn down WATT (Washington 473240)1-0Juan Milan165.937410154.68
15Wrecking fools Left and right (Right Here Retards)1-0Jakob Landes161.959010154.39
16young money (Oakland 836213)1-0tory kin167.922110153.98
17Team Bates III (The Dawg Pound)1-0Morrell Bates III168.915910153.87
18Rooke Sensation (Tampa Bay 1488315)1-0erik crump167.920010153.64
19WARRIORS 8 (St. Louis H2H Points 76907)1-0Angela Hentz167.919010153.47
20Team laabs (Atlanta 1536024)1-0gaylin laabs163.940510153.30
21Purple People Eaters (Minnesota 173127)1-0Ledford Thomas169.904610152.88
22Team get wins All day (Miami 1797387)1-0Ardrice montgomery167.914910152.78
23Team attadog6 (Houston 262089)1-0Marco Atteberry165.921010151.97
24Team Rawlings (San Diego 1014127)1-0Joe Rawlings164.926210151.89
25Team Wilkowski (Sunday Funday)1-0Julie Wilkowski165.920010151.80
26Work Hard? Yes Play Hard? Yes (motorboaters)1-0DJ Smith168.902610151.63
27Friendly Herbsman (Atlanta 156056)1-0Big Daddy159.952810151.50
28Team WintoWin (702 fantasy games)1-0Patrick S166.911810151.36
28745 El-capatino (Green Bay 1759051)1-0ahmed farah166.911810151.36
30Skins N Fins (If Your Not First Your Last)1-0Adam Sellers161.939510151.26
31Team 8 (Buffalo 1575185)1-0Carlos Ford162.933310151.20
32Team Lidholm (Dallas Auction 1753920)1-0Johan Lidholm170.889210151.17
33Team 1 (Jacksonville 1417041)1-0steve lane161.938510151.09
34Team Haselhuhn (Serious League)1-0Kinser Haselhuhn164.921010151.05
35Team Chazbos (Kansas City 1647344)1-0Charlie Smith158.955910151.03
36Sugar's Sugar (The OK League)1-0Nathan Sharar164.920010150.88
37Goldman's Pharmacy (Chicago 1522762)1-0Karen Schmier159.948710150.85
38Crack Smoking Monkeys (San Francisco Auction 120...)1-0Lee Feltner164.917910150.54
39Team Who Dat (Carolina 1034219)1-0Todd Trosclair171.880010150.48
40DirtyBurg Ponders (Carolina 1715765)1-0Michael Jenkins161.934410150.43
41Team Schommer-reuter (screamingeagles1)1-0S. Schommer-reuter164.916910150.38
42Team wheeler (Arizona 1270419)1-0michael wheeler157.956910150.24
43Hernandez's Not so TightEnd (Ball is Life)1-0Jordan Moore159.943610150.03
44Third Degree Brnz (H2H Points Auction 69062)1-0Nate Burns166.903610150.00
45Death Valley Skulls (Cincinnati 1660603)1-0stewart sexton172.871810149.95
46Team devilkid1988 (Cleveland 142067)1-0Zachary Parrott165.908710149.94
47732 New Jersey (Philadelphia 765216)1-0Brian Idyk165.907710149.77
48Team Hurt yo feeling (Best of the Best)1-0Mitchell Linton159.941510149.70
49Serenity Now! (Tampa Bay 1636172)1-0Michael Figueroa166.901510149.66
50Team Dondo (St. Louis 1765877)1-0Jose Arredondo161.928210149.44

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.