Standard 12 Team Leaderboard


1Team Matthews (Tampa Bay 12-Team 911076)12-1Lance Matthews1745.9605121676.07
2White Boy Swag (Carolina 12-Team 667385)10-3Ed Watkins1701.977912*1663.40
3Arizona SteelerLand58 (Dallas 12-Team 656990)12-1Scott Hansbury1721.9650121660.80
4THEYCALLMeMr Price (Kansas City 12-Team 1599159)10-2-1Henry Price1758.934712*1643.20
5Team Hud (Kansas City 12-Team 1749334)10-3Derek Hudnall1696.9687121642.84
6Team Tilley (Tennessee 12-Team Auction...)11-2Kalib Tilley1676.9795121641.62
7Team 7 (Tennessee 12-Team 1736300)10-3Rock Williams1660.983512*1632.61
8Bo Knows (Philadelphia 12-Team 1747109)11-2Bo Lyons1711.9536121631.64
9Team Swag (12-Team Auction 1688874)13-0marcel chiasson1703.957312*1630.31
10Johnny Football (Tampa Bay 12-Team 1421622)12-1Nate Kidder1719.9467121627.33
11Kobe's Fanclub (Baltimore 12-Team 1765600)11-2Gerard Walsh1692.9609121625.92
12Wattsson Bens (New England 12-Team 1543626)12-1Steven Wattenmaker1750.9281121624.24
13Team 2 (Carolina 12-Team 1091019)12-1justin irle1751.9268121622.82
14Lithuanian Nighaz (Miami 12-Team 1311880)11-2Evaldas Imbrasas1693.9576121621.27
15Team 2 (Dallas 12-Team 1205820)8-5rexie saribay1654.977512*1616.80
16All Day (12-Team H2H Points 65553)10-3Tom Smith1718.9406121615.99
17Team Payne (Cincinnati 12-Team 1794297)11-2Tim Payne1646.9805121613.91
18Team IsaacC85 (Cincinnati 12-Team 1789628)12-1brent bell1646.9801121613.18
19Dtoteh1 ;) (New England 12-Team 1072801)10-3Daniel Flores1675.9607121609.16
20Team iacono (Dallas 12-Team 958388)10-3john iacono1766.9103121607.58
21Team Tober (Jacksonville 12-Team 1431853)9-4James Tober1605.9997121604.59
22Gang Green (Detroit 12-Team 746299)10-3Dmitry Davydov1660.9639121600.03
23REDRUM REDRUM (Chicago 12-Team 1647433)12-1Caleb Alexander1683.9506121599.90
24Team JH (Atlanta 12-Team 1675142)10-3Jack-Harold Enyeart1656.9657121599.13
25Team Tebow (Philadelphia 12-Team 1739637)13-0Leo Chen1648.9699121598.34
26Team Pritchard (Dallas 12-Team 1751172)11-2James-Kim Pritchard1719.9293121597.54
27New Jersey DivorceOintment (Cincinnati 12-Team 1464673)11-2Andrew DiBenedetto1683.9492121597.43
28Masters of the Universe (Denver 12-Team 1459037)12-0-1Jem Griffith1665.9582121595.41
29Team 2 (New Orleans 12-Team 1639512)11-2Nick Lopez1673.9536121595.40
30Team Westcott (Indianapolis 12-Team 915240)11-2Bergen Westcott1698.939512*1595.23
31CHICAGO BEARS#3 (Baltimore 12-Team 216653)13-0JC Webster1744.9147121595.22
32Any Given Sunday (Philadelphia 12-Team 1003908)11-2Mat Peek1710.9328121595.06
33Money Shot (New York 12-Team 1784770)11-2Michael Bell1679.9475121590.86
34Physically Challenged (Baltimore 12-Team 1278427)9-4Jon Phillips1644.9676121590.69
35CHICAGO BEARS #5 (Seattle 12-Team 1549303)9-4Zorro Webster1653.9610121588.55
36Good Luck at the Hilton (New York 12-Team 703374)9-3-1Fred Fitzsimmons1716.925512*1588.09
37Big Smoove (Denver 12-Team 1736000)10-3RJ Stout1678.9458121587.13
38Team magoo (Dallas 12-Team 953863)12-1Sean Mcgeown1694.9358121585.21
39Team miller (Tampa Bay 12-Team 984216)10-3shane miller1665.9520121585.12
40Team 6 (Dallas 12-Team Auction 11...)12-1Matthew Yee1751.9045121583.78
41Team anderson (Oakland 12-Team 1590998)12-1ande anderson1695.9339121582.91
42THANKS FOR THE WIN!!! (12-Team H2H Points 77172)9-4shawn moy1674.9451121582.07
43First Draft (Dallas 12-Team 1212118)11-2Jason Oliver1718.9195121579.76
44Team veino 8 (Denver 12-Team 1323933)10-3bob veino1711.9227121578.66
45Team Nunnery (Denver 12-Team 1573987)10-3Scott Nunnery1629.9688121578.25
46Saving Matty Ryan (New York 12-Team 1623571)10-3Jacky Ho1685.9365121578.08
47Team ecksteinmvp (12-Team H2H Points 86941)11-1-1Benny Hutchinson1695.9299121576.21
48Steel Curtain (Buffalo 12-Team 1654634)8-5Matthew Johnson1723.914412*1575.57
49LowCountry Brownie (San Francisco 12-Team 172...)11-2DON FLAK1668.9442121574.91
50Team Wells (Atlanta 12-Team 792064)9-4Chris Wells1656.9505121574.02

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.