Standard 10 Team Leaderboard


1Team 7 (Miami 1396584)4-0travis brown542.937310508.01
2Team Nuwav (Chi Town)4-0Alfonso Smith530.926110490.82
3Best of Luck (Oakland 1526221)4-0pete Bulova534.918910490.68
4Team Bates (Tampa Titans)4-0Justin Bates517.949010490.65
5Mobile Mooseknuckles (My Generic League)4-0Bert Bellcase520.942410490.02
6Texas Tobys III (Pittsburgh 1380487)4-0larry brown525.922110484.09
7Team 4 (Miami 1485421)4-0Jose Montoya518.930310481.92
8Milk on Your Blouse (NFL Outsiders)4-0Huzefa Saker500.960210480.12
9BroncosFan TTU (New York 1455838)3-1Jeff Hardcastle527.909810479.46
102013-2014 Defending champ (Jew Jew's Crew)4-0chandler secore506.947210479.26
11Mr Bellagio (Green Bay 1356380)4-0Matt Mineo526.910110478.69
12Team 9 (Arizona 905368)4-0Eli Flores535.886810474.46
13beast squad 3 (Washington Auction 358818)4-0Michael Langhorne524.904210473.80
14Team boals (Welker's MDMA Party!)3-1chad boals507.931410472.23
15HOTSUN ALLAN (Miami 1690718)3-0-1ALLAN SCOTT500.943710471.84
16Team Larson (Chicago Auction 763454)4-0Justin Larson540.873510471.69
17Team A$$ (Detroit H2H Points 60728)3-1danny gross527.893510470.88
18Team 25 (Jacksonville 938710)4-0craig england528.891410470.65
19Team 6 (New York 1615374)4-0Kevin Kleeberger524.897510470.30
20Team Madden (Seattle 1751019)4-0John Madden524.897010470.02
21VAN CITY BEZT (Northwest Fantasy AllStars)4-0trevor owen494.951210469.87
22Team 9 (Dallas 1580459)4-0Brian Holmes499.940810469.44
23OLYMPUS RISES (NFL FANTASY VETS)4-0Richard Satterwhite497.942110468.22
24Team 4 (Oakland Auction 1732386)4-0Alex Kellenberger519.901510467.89
25Get-R-Done Gang (Cleveland 312330)4-0Patrick Lambert506.924210467.65
26Connor McLovesmen (All for the Smaracko)4-0Jordan Stovik490.954410467.64
27Team LoquitoSway (Terrapin Crossfit)4-0Mike Gonzalez501.932510467.17
28Chevy chase n Snakeskinz (The League of Extraordina...)4-0frank camarda509.915710466.07
29Team Ryan (Seattle 213058)3-1Ryan Chalder517.900210465.40
30Team Depasquale (Dallas 1742372)4-0Lucian Depasquale503.925010465.28
31Team Ben Dover (The Dirty Flamingos)4-0Justin Caccamo503.924710465.14
32murderdeathkill mdk (Chicago 1494013)4-0select reader517.899710465.12
33Waivers Rancheros (PackAttack)4-0David Kersey504.922310464.86
34Philly Allday (VaBch Ballers)3-1Corey Brewster483.962410464.82
35Sweet Home Alabama (Southeast Football)3-0-1Bud Petty498.932510464.37
36Team Singh (Pittsburgh Auction 1218284)4-0Harshpreet Singh511.908710464.36
37Team Toasters (Champions)4-0Matt Matsuo509.912210464.31
38Mystic Mountain Machine Guns (Tampa Bay 715694)3-1Edwin T518.895610463.95
39Team Stalin (GC)3-1Tyler Stallings496.935110463.83
40Down N out (Houston 1488129)2-1-1Leona Guarna493.940810*463.79
41Tikc Uf (Seattle Auction 1306766)4-0spiros avlonitis500.927410463.70
42DeMarco Bill Murray (Philadelphia 1978)4-0Sarah Esra491.944210463.61
43Ctown CHAMPS (Cleveland Auction 1187656)2-2Curt Myers499.929010*463.58
44Thunderous Nights (New Orleans 1569826)4-0Terry Thomas511.907110463.54
45The Luck-ness Monster (Chicago 1444334)4-0Jarod Williams512.905310463.49
45big joint smoker (Chicago 1578709)4-0Adam Duckworth525.882810463.49
47Ben there, raped that (Engineering Football League)4-0Jacob Paris505.917310463.22
48Team 7 (Minnesota 1563646)4-0Hunter Piesko537.861210462.48
49Team Harris (Indianapolis 764962)4-0Nicholas Harris497.930110462.25
50Teamus 6 (Arizona 1768297)4-0 541.853710461.88

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.