Standard 12 Team Leaderboard


1Team TEAM (Not MDM)3-0Jeff Rudberg4481.000012448.00
2Team Cincinnati (Not MDM)3-0Mike Reed3831.000012*383.00
3Team reichert (Not MDM)3-0andrew reichert3741.000012*374.00
4Team League2 (Not MDM)1-2Ed League3631.000012*363.00
5Team B (Not MDM)2-1Mike B3521.000012*352.00
6Team Rafko (Not MDM)1-2Ryan Rafko3511.000012*351.00
7Team Faiella (Not MDM)2-1Michael Faiella3471.000012*347.00
8Team Gonzalez (Not MDM)2-1Andres Gonzalez3371.000012*337.00
9Team NA (Not MDM)0-3Matt Euell3291.000012*329.00
10Team COONS (Not MDM)1-2JOSHUA COONS3181.000012*318.00
11Team DePaul (Not MDM)1-2Anthony DePaul3121.000012*312.00
122QB PPR 9 (Not MDM)1-2Jon Autopick2811.000012*281.00
13Team Sills (Not MDM)0-3Evan Sills2671.000012*267.00
14Team Allinson (St. Louis 12-Team Auction...)3-0Timothy Allinson391.629912246.28
15Team pick 6 (Chicago 12-Team 1540271)2-1Jason Smith386.627512*242.23
16Team 4 (San Diego 12-Team 1777688)3-0fidel brown386.624312240.99
17Team atkinson (New Orleans 12-Team 710531)2-1stephen atkinson386.621112*239.76
18Team Goldberg (Not MDM)1-2Jake Goldberg2391.000012*239.00
19Team Chism (Kansas City 12-Team 1127007)3-0Thomas Chism371.643312238.65
20Kam The Man (12-Team H2H Points 69301)2-1Kenneth Haynes376.634312*238.51
21Team redman (Kansas City 12-Team 1322753)3-0nathan redman382.622012237.60
22Team Parker (Miami 12-Team Auction 145...)3-0TR Parker371.639012237.07
23Team Friedman (12-Team Auction 830527)3-0Greg Friedman375.631812236.92
24Los Angeles BullysWitFullys (New England 12-Team 1681765)3-0gil khalfi387.609912236.02
25JE$ DANGER (New York 12-Team 1591702)3-0melo jernigan373.632012235.73
26Irish Shamrocks (Chicago 12-Team Auction 1...)3-0Jonny Doyle365.645612235.65
27S-Ville Yetis (Philadelphia 122411)3-0David Haettich364.646012235.16
28Team 1 (Buffalo 12-Team 1577736)3-0Brandon Tong380.618412234.98
29Not Purple (New York 12-Team Auction ...)3-0Brian Bjorklund384.611812234.93
30THANKS FOR THE WIN!!! (12-Team H2H Points 77172)3-0shawn moy373.629412234.78
31Team Tan your hide (New England 12-Team 1667380)2-1Captain Snatchy356.655812*233.47
32Team 4 (Seattle 12-Team 259524)3-0Assad Zaidi369.632412233.36
33Team Lewis (Philadelphia 12-Team 1687144)3-0Tim Lewis374.623512233.18
34Team Garcia (San Diego 12-Team Auction...)2-1Daniel Garcia369.631812*233.13
35Team Chris (New Orleans 12-Team 1239788)3-0Chris Chris358.648812232.27
36Banana Hammock (New Orleans 12-Team 1648397)3-0Brandy Arthur369.629212232.19
37Team 12 (12-Team Auction 1229482)3-0Tommy Peterson368.630312231.95
38Team Quick (Cincinnati 12-Team 1160755)3-0Steven Quick362.640712231.94
39I LOVE BIG TD's (12-Team H2H Points 101119)2-1Cedrick Buteau368.628812*231.40
40high times (Philadelphia 12-Team 1520964)3-0 358.646012231.28
41CHARGE OF THE IMMORTALS (New York 12-Team 1673324)3-0Nate Mason360.642412231.27
42AZ HEAT (Jacksonville 12-Team 385637)3-0M. Depperschmidt376.614612231.07
43Married to the Mom (Buffalo 12-Team 1737368)3-0kurt ellinghausen376.613912230.83
44Team Perez (New York 12-Team 1555704)3-0Ruben Perez371.622012230.76
45Team Richardson (New Orleans 12-Team 1716591)3-0Mark Richardson356.646912230.29
46BIG BANG BOOM (New York 12-Team 1456959)3-0Daniel Monroy361.637712230.22
47Diamond In the Rough (New Orleans 12-Team 1585618)3-0tracy Vines357.644312230.03
48Team wright (Kansas City 12-Team 1301199)3-0quintin wright365.630112229.98
49Fire BALLS (Kansas City 12-Team 406514)3-0Mike Fiske364.631412229.81
50Romosexual Tendencies (Baltimore 12-Team 1432005)2-1Keith Holem363.632412*229.57

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.