Standard 10 Team Leaderboard


1Luckness Monstarz (MSA)10-2Richard Gumbel1482.9127101352.55
2Show me your TD's (Kings of the Gridiron)10-2Hayden Blalock1472.9044101331.29
3Team Nuwav (Chi Town)11-1Alfonso Smith1447.9113101318.64
4Team newton (Just For Fun Fantasy)10-2cam newton1431.9169101312.08
5Team Bates (Tampa Titans)12-0Justin Bates1425.9203101311.43
6Hugh Jazz (hoss house)12-0Danny Sottosanti1424.9203101310.51
7SPF 100s (The Third Division)10-2craig halpin1416.9222101305.79
8Artesia's Finest (SkumBagRandy)10-1-1Devyn Garcia1434.9102101305.21
9Tkills SA x CA (JVO Crew)10-2Jorge Saavedra1438.9041101300.05
10Taste The Dwayne Bowe (Blazers 2k14)10-2Rob farley1489.8724101298.97
11Tony is 5-7 (League is better than Madden)10-2Kyle Sierra1434.9039101296.19
12Team Field (LSIFOOTBALL)11-1Jack Field1445.8964101295.33
13Team Kikolski (AZSTEELERS)10-2Steve Kikolski1409.9178101293.11
14Lucky to be Brown (Cincinnati Auction 1469522)10-2Sohum Hulyalkar1411.9133101288.71
15Ballz Deep (The League 2K14)8-3-1Brian B1397.921710*1287.68
16Blue Dream (FBGM and Fantasy)11-1Jake Wood1408.9145101287.65
17Team scott (Choctaw Football)8-3-1robert scott1421.9022101282.03
18Team I Will Not Lose (Elm City League)12-0william diaz1422.9000101279.79
192nd Grade Ian (Marwaha)10-2Julie Allen1391.9186101277.77
20Florida Hurricanes (Fun and Bragging rights)9-3Jason Ramos1396.914810*1277.03
21Fvshion killv Larry Legendzz (FFL)11-1daniel deuyour1414.9028101276.55
22Beats By Ray (OTA Fantasy League)11-1B Dougherty1421.8981101276.23
23Team Skidmore (BEAST)9-3James Skidmore1429.8923101275.16
24Florida Stompers (NOT ready for Prime Time V)9-3James Randle1382.922110*1274.32
25No Fear (MoneyMercado fantasy)11-1Brian Hastings1384.9199101273.11
26Team Showtime (Varsity Beers)11-1Keshav Harragink1399.9094101272.28
27Team Weindel (St. Louis 1452395)11-1Cory Weindel1448.8784101271.94
28Moose Knuckle (Da Franchize)8-4ethan hubbard1403.906310*1271.51
29I suck Bad (940)10-2Wesley Wilson1367.9296101270.83
30Mona Lisa (Where's the toilet paper?)10-2Scott Nelson1385.9174101270.61
31Scab Team '87 (AP vs AP (Free))8-4Sean Fretthold1359.934710*1270.32
32Team 3 (New York 1753534)10-2Ryan Deviney1467.8658101270.18
33Twinkie Defense (ESPN App FTL)12-0Paul Fu1448.8768101269.60
34Team MCQUEEN (The Authority)9-3CHAD MCQUEEN1395.9095101268.76
35NYC Power Bottoms (RussoFootball)10-2Alex Cassou1423.8907101267.51
36The Boss Lady (Texas Tough)11-1Madison Draehn1427.8879101267.07
37I am Groot (NHS Fantasy Fun League)9-3Justin Barkow1388.9128101267.00
38Team OVO (UCF KNIGHTS 2014)9-3Manny Bello1399.9051101266.22
39Fire Jerry Now (The 206 Fantasy Group)10-2Tom Bartell1380.9175101266.14
40Zach's Broncs (Cool Helmets)12-0Zach Thomas1435.8794101261.98
41Team SteelCity (Seattle 1644944)12-0Anna Seifried1395.9046101261.89
42fragfootball 8 (Arizona 1729937)12-0Brian Counce1397.9028101261.21
43Steel Curtain (San Francisco H2H Points ...)10-2jeff leary1387.9092101261.02
44Seaside SEAHAWKS (Saints)10-2Jeffrey Edmonds1429.8816101259.86
45Peyton Mannings Playoff Record (Football by the Guy)11-1Jeremy Stewart1386.9079101258.34
46Team Rodriguez (Legion Of Boom)10-2Alex Rodriguez1374.9156101258.07
47Gold Chain No Name (Insert Clever League Name...)11-1Matt Chandler1382.9101101257.76
48Social Hosters (SCSU 2014)11-1Dylan Braun1366.9198101256.43
49Average Players (San Diego 1389694)11-1Greg Wood1400.8974101256.30
50West Coast Fl Cowboys (Cowboy Fans)10-2Ray Snead1387.9050101255.24

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues in FFL. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE): All Prize-Eligible leagues have 10 teams

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = Team Points x League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.