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Draft Recap

Draft Date: Wed., Sep. 4, 2013      Time: 8:30 PM ET      Type: Snake Draft      Seconds Per Pick: 60      

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1Adrian Peterson, Min RBSeymour Butts
2Arian Foster, Hou RBThere's a Chance
3Marshawn Lynch, Sea RBTrophy Wife
4Jamaal Charles, KC RBShoulda Been there
5Ray Rice, Bal RBMiley Cyrus's Family Values
6C.J. Spiller, Buf RBDestroying Others
7Calvin Johnson, Det WRHard To Be Humble
8Doug Martin, TB RBPeace Machine
9Alfred Morris, Wsh RBPeace Machine
10LeSean McCoy, Phi RBHard To Be Humble
11Aaron Rodgers, GB QBDestroying Others
12Drew Brees, NO QBMiley Cyrus's Family Values
13Peyton Manning, Den QBShoulda Been there
14Reggie Bush, Det RBTrophy Wife
15Trent Richardson, Ind RBThere's a Chance
16Tom Brady, NE QBSeymour Butts
17A.J. Green, Cin WRSeymour Butts
18Matt Forte, Chi RBThere's a Chance
19Frank Gore, SF RBTrophy Wife
20Maurice Jones-Drew, Oak RBShoulda Been there
21Chris Johnson, NYJ RBMiley Cyrus's Family Values
22Jimmy Graham, NO TEDestroying Others
23Matt Ryan, Atl QBHard To Be Humble
24Dez Bryant, Dal WRPeace Machine
25Robert Griffin III, Wsh QBPeace Machine
26Steven Jackson, Atl RBHard To Be Humble
27David Wilson, NYG RBDestroying Others
28Demaryius Thomas, Den WRMiley Cyrus's Family Values
29Brandon Marshall, Chi WRShoulda Been there
30Andre Johnson, Hou WRTrophy Wife
31Julio Jones, Atl WRThere's a Chance
32Stevan Ridley, NE RBSeymour Butts
33Eddie Lacy, GB RBSeymour Butts
34Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WRThere's a Chance
35Matthew Stafford, Det QBTrophy Wife
36Randall Cobb, GB WRShoulda Been there
37Vincent Jackson, TB WRMiley Cyrus's Family Values
38Wes Welker, Den WRDestroying Others
39Darren McFadden, Oak RBHard To Be Humble
40DeMarco Murray, Dal RBPeace Machine
41Danny Amendola, NE WRPeace Machine
42Reggie Wayne, Ind WRHard To Be Humble
43Marques Colston, NO WRDestroying Others
44Roddy White, Atl WRMiley Cyrus's Family Values
45Victor Cruz, NYG WRShoulda Been there
46Darren Sproles, Phi RBTrophy Wife
47Cam Newton, Car QBThere's a Chance
48Mike Wallace, Mia WRSeymour Butts
49Rob Gronkowski, NE TESeymour Butts
50Dwayne Bowe, KC WRThere's a Chance
51Steve Smith, Bal WRTrophy Wife
52Jason Witten, Dal TEShoulda Been there
53Tony Gonzalez, Atl TEMiley Cyrus's Family Values
54James Jones, Oak WRDestroying Others
55Antonio Gates, SD TEHard To Be Humble
56Vernon Davis, SF TEPeace Machine
57Hakeem Nicks, Ind WRPeace Machine
58Seahawks D/ST D/STHard To Be Humble
59DeSean Jackson, Wsh WRDestroying Others
60Jordy Nelson, GB WRMiley Cyrus's Family Values
61Russell Wilson, Sea QBShoulda Been there
62Eric Decker, NYJ WRTrophy Wife
63Greg Olsen, Car TEThere's a Chance
64Lamar Miller, Mia RBSeymour Butts
65Blair Walsh, Min KSeymour Butts
66Antonio Brown, Pit WRThere's a Chance
67Torrey Smith, Bal WRTrophy Wife
68Ryan Mathews, SD RBShoulda Been there
69Anquan Boldin, SF WRMiley Cyrus's Family Values
70Chris Ivory, NYJ RBDestroying Others
71Montee Ball, Den RBHard To Be Humble
72Ahmad Bradshaw, Ind RBPeace Machine
73Pierre Garcon, Wsh WRPeace Machine
74Cecil Shorts, Jac WRHard To Be Humble
75T.Y. Hilton, Ind WRDestroying Others
76Miles Austin, Dal WRMiley Cyrus's Family Values
77Greg Jennings, Min WRShoulda Been there
78Bengals D/ST D/STTrophy Wife
79Tavon Austin, StL WRThere's a Chance
80Lance Moore, Pit WRSeymour Butts
81DeAngelo Williams, Car RBSeymour Butts
82Colin Kaepernick, SF QBThere's a Chance
83BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Cin RBTrophy Wife
84Mark Ingram, NO RBShoulda Been there
85Tony Romo, Dal QBMiley Cyrus's Family Values
86Giovani Bernard, Cin RBDestroying Others
87Steve Johnson, Buf WRHard To Be Humble
88Eli Manning, NYG QBPeace Machine
8949ers D/ST D/STPeace Machine
90Sidney Rice, Sea WRHard To Be Humble
91Bears D/ST D/STDestroying Others
92Ben Tate, Cle RBMiley Cyrus's Family Values
93Daryl Richardson, StL RBShoulda Been there
94Carson Palmer, Ari QBTrophy Wife
95Isaac Redman, Pit RBThere's a Chance
96Andrew Luck, Ind QBSeymour Butts
97Texans D/ST D/STSeymour Butts
98Josh Gordon, Cle WRThere's a Chance
99Zach Sudfeld, NYJ TETrophy Wife
100Broncos D/ST D/STShoulda Been there
101Rashard Mendenhall, Ari RBMiley Cyrus's Family Values
102Kyle Rudolph, Min TEDestroying Others
103Emmanuel Sanders, Den WRHard To Be Humble
104Shane Vereen, NE RBPeace Machine
105Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QBPeace Machine
106Stephen Gostkowski, NE KHard To Be Humble
107Mike Williams, Buf WRDestroying Others
108Cardinals D/ST D/STMiley Cyrus's Family Values
109Denarius Moore, Oak WRShoulda Been there
110Matt Prater, Den KTrophy Wife
111Steelers D/ST D/STThere's a Chance
112Chris Givens, StL WRSeymour Butts
113Alshon Jeffery, Chi WRSeymour Butts
114Phil Dawson, SF KThere's a Chance
115Owen Daniels, Bal TETrophy Wife
116Josh Brown, NYG KShoulda Been there
117Steven Hauschka, Sea KMiley Cyrus's Family Values
118Matt Bryant, Atl KDestroying Others
119Brandon Myers, TB TEHard To Be Humble
120Randy Bullock, Hou KPeace Machine