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League: Gurus
1ooomHtown LoompasEastMIKE GARCIAJoined
2TIJETeam TijerinaEastcorey TijerinaJoined
3jodyTeam JodyenergyEastjoseph RoughanJoined
4GOONTHE GOONSEastBrandon BurtonJoined
5BASSTeam ScrapEastChris BassoJoined
6NuttHouston NuttSquadEastPeter GuzmannJoined
7GREETHE GMENWestFrank GreenmanJoined
8BestBest Teammate I can beWestMichael ScottJoined
9PDVPink Darth VadersWestMark StaudtJoined
10hdOmaha hurricane ditkaWestEric LeighJoined
11RCTeam RodeoClownsWestmike walkerJoined
1249erWine her, dine her, 49erWestjamie mundellJoined


Game Format: League Manager
Scoring Type: Head to Head Points
Player Universe: All NFL Players
Teams in League: 12

Lineup Locktime: Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime

Roster Size: 16 (9 starters, 7 bench, 0 IR)
Offense (16): QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, D/ST, K, BE, BE, BE, BE, BE, BE, BE

Stat Categories: 63
PTD(6pts), PY25(1), PTD40(1), PTD50(2), P300(2), P400(5), 2PC(2), INT(2), RTD(6), 2PR(2), RY10(1), RTD40(1), RTD50(2), RY100(5), RY200(5), RETD(6), 2PRE(2), RETD40(1), RETD50(2), REY10(1), REC(1), REY100(5), REY200(5), FTD(6), FUML(-2), FG50(5), FG40(4), FG0(3), FGM(-1), PAT(1), PATM(-1), PA0(5), PA1(4), PA7(3), PA14(1), BLKKRTD(6), INT(2), INT(2), FR(2), FR(2), BLKK(2), BLKK(2), SF(2), SF(2), SK(1), SK(1), KRTD(6), KRTD(6), PRTD(6), PRTD(6), INTTD(6), FRTD(6), PA28(-1), PA35(-3), PA46(-5), YA100(5), YA199(3), YA299(2), YA399(-1), YA449(-3), YA499(-5), YA549(-6), YA550(-7)

Trade Review: League Members Vote on Trades

Player Acquisition System: Waivers
Waiver Period: 24 hours

Draft Type: Snake
Draft Date: August 25, 2014 8:45 PM ET

Regular Season Settings:
Matchup Length: 1 Week
Regular Season Length: 14 Weeks
Matchup Tiebreaker: None

Playoff Settings:
Teams in Playoffs: 4
Playoffs Length: 2 Weeks
Playoff Matchup Length: 1 Week

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