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League: Ram jammers
Creator: Aj Fender
1PavNo timeEastAj FenderJoined
2NNGNorwood's New GigEastMatt HerderingJoined
32EZIts tooooooo Much!!!!EastBen MausJoined
4KevU probably Can't Afford ItWestKevin WelleJoined
5PETEI'll stick to my day jobEastTyler PetermeierJoined
6THEIThe Coot ShootersWestAaron TheilerJoined
7WensPeace TrainWestkris wensmannJoined
8BradPeyton's PlaceWestBrad WiehoffJoined
9KLAPTwo Guys OffWestChris KlaphakeJoined
10LiesKathy welle in the sheetsEastJosh LiestmanJoined


Game Format: League Manager
Scoring Type: Head to Head Points
Player Universe: All NFL Players
Teams in League: 10

Lineup Locktime: Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime

Roster Size: 16 (9 starters, 7 bench, 0 IR)
Offense (16): QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, D/ST, K, BE, BE, BE, BE, BE, BE, BE

Stat Categories: 75
PTD(5pts), PY25(1), PC10(2), IP10(-1), PTD40(1), PTD50(2), P300(5), P400(10), 2PC(2), INT(2), RTD(6), 2PR(2), RY10(1), RA10(1), RTD40(1), RTD50(2), RY100(5), RY200(10), RETD(6), 2PRE(2), RETD40(1), RETD50(3), REY10(1), REC5(1), REY100(5), REY200(10), FTD(6), SK(1), FUML(-2), FG50(5), FG40(4), FG0(3), FGM0(-1), PAT(1), PATM(-2), PA0(7), PA1(5), PA7(3), PA14(1), BLKKRTD(6), BLKKRTD(6), INT(2), FR(2), BLKK(2), SF(2), SK(1), KRTD(6), KRTD(6), PRTD(6), PRTD(6), INTTD(6), INTTD(6), FRTD(6), FRTD(6), FF(2), KR10(1), KR10(1), PR10(1), PR10(1), PA28(-1), PA35(-4), PA46(-7), YA100(7), YA199(3), YA299(2), YA399(-1), YA449(-3), YA499(-5), YA549(-7), YA550(-9), PT10(2), PTB(4), PTA44(1), TW(1), TL(-1)

Trade Review: League Members Vote on Trades

Player Acquisition System: Waivers
Waiver Period: 24 hours

Draft Type: Offline

Regular Season Settings:
Matchup Length: 1 Week
Regular Season Length: 13 Weeks
Matchup Tiebreaker: Most Bench Points

Playoff Settings:
Teams in Playoffs: 8
Playoffs Length: 3 Weeks
Playoff Matchup Length: 1 Week

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